SJ-H on ANAN Mag Aug Issue Interview Scans + Translations
July 20, 2008, 5:21 pm
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The scans came out a few days ago.. But I just saw the translations today, gosh, they’re in an image format and the words are reallllyyy small so I hope I don’t mistranslate anything XD

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*edit* According to Hyorin (Thank you so much!) this isn’t the full interview.. It’s just a part of it ^^ But still very cute~ Lol.

Q: If the target group of SM’s new addition, SHINee, are noonas, Super Junior- Happy’s target group seems to be women of the same age. That’s what we feel from the news.. Why do you have the hopes of dividing up the entertainment music market?

Ming: No! We also like noonas.. In fact, at the beginning, we didn’t direct ourselves at any particular age group, but eventually it’s the same. Because, everybody calls for Super Junior’s existence. Haha
(OMG MING, ILUSM for saying that! )

Q: Recently, a major topic was formed because when you all were singing ‘Yoriwang’ live, you said out your favourite female actress impromptu after the line “My girlfriend..”..

Teuk: This was Shindong’s idea. A period of time we sang Son Ye Jin and Kim Hye Soo’s name.. and every time we sing, we’ll sing a different name. Sometimes, we’d also use famous lines from the movies they acted in.. Anyhow, as long as we do it impromptu, the fans will think that there’s more meaning to it.

Q: For a period, we took notice to Super Junior’s activities, and we felt that your “warm” and “humourous” thoughts, unlike common idol groups, were much stronger. In fact, it enhances a positive outlook. Although now your target groups are not limited, are there any misgivings or burdens faced when you all are trying to get rid of the stereotype that “Idol = secretive, suave”?

Yesung: Our images on the stage and on variety shows are very different. On stage, we are singers. And when on variety shows, we are characters of the entertainment masses, and that’s an ability every celebrity needs to have.
Just like when the camera is facing us, and we need to differentiate and digest the questions between 2 different roles.

Kangin: For that question, we have some different thoughts on it. On variety shows, our warm and humourous side are not any strategies, nor is it something that we just came up with, it’s our usual selves. Since we’re not fake, and 100% frank about it, what misgivings and burdens would we have? To be able to be the first group of idols to sing Trot, it’s just like favouring the frankness and humour we possess. It’s a performance that we can feel a sense of pride of.

Q: Now it seems like most of you all aren’t very young any more, most of the members have reached their mid-twenties. As compared to your ideal type when you were younger or your realistic standards of your partner, or do you have love ideals that are set according to your present situations?

Kangin: I like older women. They are independent in their lives, they stick to the rules, and when their man gets insulted by others, they’ll stand up to fight for them. A type just like my mother.. (Lol, Kkang!)

Teuk: Actually from my ideal type before, I’m not very picky with my standards. I like women who are dainty, their eyes must be big; just like the shape of a crescent moon, they must have long hair, they must be taller than 163cm.. Anyhow, I just have about 13.4 requests..
Previously, I’d always feel like laughing when I look back on the ideal types interview I uploaded onto my minihompy. But the standards now are different.. Ignorantly, I’m now attracted to women who have “the correct feeling”..

Ming: I’m also a little ignorant. As long as they are women whom I can get along with? I only know whose mouth and nose they must resemble, but that kind of outer appearance standards are slowly diminishing..

Shindong: Women who have economic sense, better if they are good at managing finances. As for outer appearances, someone who’s more petite? My ideal type is someone who’s about 150cm.. someone who’s petite.

Yesung: I like women who are not restricted by time. Haha. To be in a relationship with someone, even if it’s after 12am, and they still have their freedom.. Because of my career, as compared to the day, there’ll be more circumstances when we can meet in the night. And if I am not able to express my love properly, a woman who’s able to be patient and able to wait would be even better.
Originally, it’s saying that I’m eager to use my feelings to convey to her.

Hyuk: I’m almost just like Yesung. I hope that the person will be able to embody the love I have for her even though I am not able to express it well. And also, she has to laugh when I’m joking, she can’t smoke, and doesn’t drink alcohol.. a woman like that would be even better.

Translated by me, please DO NOT take out! Linking back is alright ^^
Credits; Y.S. The Promise
Scans credits; SJ Market


Lol, it’s so cool to read about their ideal types.. Shindong’s one was pretty unique, I wouldn’t have thought that his ideal type was like that ^-^* Ming’s the best~ HAHA..

Gosh, Teukie looks drop-dead-gorgeous in those scans! ♥___

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who is… ming?
wow yesung and teukie,…
thank you for the translation itsgood to read sumthin abt them from their own self, and just some media
thank yoouuu

Comment by angie

aww! they are really good at talking and saying these things XD ahh i just about reach Teukie’s ideal height lol!! >_> I hope they, especially teukster is feeling ok..

Comment by sureyya

ming=sungmin 😀

waaah thanks for this!!! knowing their ideal types is nice… 😀 hahhh…. one of the reasons why i love SuJu is that sense of realness…~~ hahaha thanks again!

Comment by hana

ah!i recieved it ^^,,
thanks a lot =D~♥……

they all look so georgeous ^^..
wah…leetauk oppa!!!looks mature ^^looks nicie 🙂
ah hyukjae oh my gosh!!!you look like a something :D…just kidding;) you look like a prince….ahh..sungmin i don’t know,,he’s still cute for me…yesung looks like a rockstar 8)…kangin…looks like somehow some rich man //a rich man full of charisma ^^…shindongie,,this time you took iteukie’s angelic image^^ you look like an angel O=)

ahahah…kangin,,,wants a sugay mommy..oh i remember heechul’s hey hey hey blah blah blah….can’t remember the title..

it’s so nive to hear what sungmin’s said ^^….i love it…
anyways shindong likes petite??….no cahance..ahaha…these summer i think i gained weight >.<(i should start working out^^)
hyukjae,,my/our georgeous prince let’s get together

Comment by justineluvsuju

ming should be Sungmin.

Comment by popdead

i have the magazine, i don’t have a scanner though, but i could take pictures of all the page with the text, cause the interview is much longer, in case you wanna translate more of it ^^ (i have a good camera so the words will be big ^^)

Thank you for that part though ❤

Comment by hyorin

ooops sorry, just saw that you didn’t get the translation from korea, so nevermind xD;

Comment by hyorin

OMO!! Teukie looks so hot!!
Kangin likes older women..Too bad we’re the same age..hehehe..
Thanks for the translation!!!

Comment by maimai

Hi. I’m super junior thai fan
thank for sharing
would you mind allowing me to translate this to thai?
i think thai fan will really happy to read it.
i will look foward to your answer
thank you so much
p.s. sorry for my poor eng T^T

Comment by swe3t-less

^isn’t ming sungmin?
Anyway, thanks for the translations, it was a joy to read ❤

Comment by ayu

i’m very sorry D=

Comment by justineluvsuju

Ming?! For sure is Sungmin! Happy got 6member which is Leeteuk,kangin,Yesung,Shindong,sungmin and Eunhyuk.
Omg~ Sungmin and eunhyuk are so cute. They types of girl they like are those which will be more understanding.

Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Joann

I love SJ
I love Eun Hyuk Oppa ^^~

Comment by E.L.F. Thai ^^

@ angie:
Ming = Sungmin ^^ Lol! Yeah, I love interviews from them! 🙂

@ sureyya:
Lol, he said he wasn’t too picky.. but.. I see some standards there! HAHA. XD

I hope he’s feeling better too! ♥

@ hana:
Haha! Realness sounds good~ ^-^*

@ justineluvsuju:
That’s good~ Lol, you’re so cute spazzing at all of them! But, it’s quite a difference to see them acting cool/emo.. A pretty big change from their Supy images, which I found really interesting!

@ popdead:

@ hyorin:
Oh! Thank you for offering~ I really wish I could help but I don’t understand Korean T__T Gosh, you’re so lucky to be able to lay your hands on that mag! I want it toooo XD

It’s okay, thanks for asking!! ♥

@ maimai:
Lol, you’re welcome! <333
I didn’t know he kinda liked older women too!

@ swe3t-less:
Your English is fine ^-^* Sure, though I translated this from Chinese, and sometimes things get lost in translation, but if you don’t mind that then I’m fine with it~ 😀 Spread the Suju love!!

@ ayu:
Yep! Ming’s Sungmin! You’re welcome! <333

@ justineluvsuju:
For?? Why??

@ Joann:
Hahah~ Yesss Ming and Hyukjae! ♥ Ahhh and Yesung too! Lol, about him not being able to express his love. Ahhhh.

@ E.L.F Thai^^:
I love ELF ♥!

Comment by ilovejr

Hi!!!! wow, I was expecting the translation, thank you =D I really liked XD the answers of each one always reflecting like they are.
Would Be a lot to request a small favor? it is that I would like to translate this to Spanish and publish it to a special forum of Super Junior in Spanish and they would like to read it, undoubtedly I would make it with the credits and the linking back, please, I would really appreciate a lot, thank you ^^

P.S. Forgive my bad english Xb

Comment by jisabella

i send an email to you…
pls read it..
i hope you’ll forgive me…
i feel really bad about it D=..
i hope you’re not ganna mad…
i’m sorry

Comment by justineluvsuju

Thanks for translating, it was really interesting XD as well as the scans. They look more mature ♥♥ it’s different from their previous images so it’s exciting! I think this is the hottest of Sungmin I’ve ever seen… *spazzes quietly to herself*

Comment by ozayu

i heard this isn’t the full interview… please please post some more… thanks!!!!!!! it’s so great reading articles such as this! thank you!

Comment by michi

OMG I Love your page *-*
I Like Super Junior *-*
my favorite is Kangin :3

thax for all *0*

Comment by Kannie~

omg I love kangin’s answer for ideal girl *dies*

wow i’m so happy to have found this fantastic suju news site ❤ keep it up! 😀

Comment by querubin

I like Tuek’s answer on ideal type.
Crescent moon eh? ^^ I like Hyuk’s answer too. Girl who doesn’t smoke/drinks + a guy who doesn’t smoke/drinks(maybe a little?) = perfect fit. That’s just my opinion ^^

Comment by KuKKIEZ

wow. you have a copy of the magazine? i want it too! i love the pictures. but i wonder why shindong is not with kangin or anybody on the pictures by two? sorry if that question is already answered.

Comment by aneng07

LOL.i was wondering who ming was>.>
unfortunately he’s SUNGMIN.
AWWW.yesung oppa’s ideal women is kinda hard to find:/

Comment by baoluvsuju

Ahh, Leader-shii seems so specific XD

I am only 152.4 cm though 😛

Yesung likes a patient girl, and so does Hyukjae? They do both seem like sweet ones who would express their love in any way they could :3

Comment by mochistar

omg i love them more &more i love kangin&teuk ever day go go suju

Comment by sj lover

beautiful teuk..
love u more…
thanks for translated it ^.^

Comment by leadercheonsa

beautiful teuk..
love u more…
thanks for translating this ^.^

Comment by leadercheonsa


Comment by Anonymous

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