Eeteuk’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.07.19
July 19, 2008, 3:23 pm
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This… is getting too much… Teuk!! -heart cracks into a gazillion pieces- I really hope.. He won’t get affected by it much. But, it’s just hard on him, I can’t understand why antis (or whoever they are) really have to go through so much just to make people feel so bad! :/

And, btw, he closed his diary tab.. I wonder when will it be before he gets back to writing in it again 😦 I guess.. the stickers incident made it inevitable..

Jungsoo’s Minihomphy Column Update 2008.07.19

About people going this and that about idol culture..Saying this and that about fandom..People saying this and that about the performing culture..Please reflect on yourself, if you don’t look at yourself and you just point at others..Look at yourself in the mirror..It’s really detestable..

*Apparently he wrote this in at around 6am in the morning.
Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlySJ13

+ translation of the words on his layout..

Free Image Hosting at
And a translation of the words on the right side of his layout

I am not as strong as I thought I was..
Even if I work hard at pretending to smile..
Even if I try to muster the strength..
But recently, I’m always just like a fool..
Pretending to be strong..
Who’s going to give me a helping hand..

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; BLG

And on the top left corner

It’s okay, I’ll be fine

T___T Which reminds me, I watched the subbed episode of Cider (with Teuk and Shindong) yesterday on KBS World.. Teuk said, the older he grows, the more narrow-minded he becomes, and Shindong agreed with it too.. I just hope he doesn’t let it get to him.. UGH. Dumb antis! :X

Teukie, E.L.F will always be there to lend you a helping hand ^^ Please cheer up~ ^-^*


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damn antis!!!! teukee seems so depressed… him being like this really hurts… poor teukee… we elf will do our best to support you TT_TT

Comment by hana

aww Teuki!! We love you~
Don’t let the antis get to you!

This entry was so sad. =(

Comment by Jessie

thanks for sharing….

can I ask if where can I watch also the episode of Cider (with Leeteuk and Shindong) on KBS World…..?

i’m kidda CURIOS and want to watch it!!!

thank you for sharing!!! wish for more updates about them….


Comment by sujufan

poor teukie….

don’t worry were always here for you!!!


Comment by sujufan

aww jungsoo..jungsoo 😦 it’s so so upsetting reading his sad is hard to keep a fake smile, and he shouldn’t have to because he is so good at what he does, and he is such a lovely person, and has 14 lovely member friends too XD *slaps antis*

Comment by sureyya

teukie, you need to be strong. 😦 no matter what happens, ELF will stand by you. we’ll keep you strong.

Comment by iheartmeowing

thank you for translating it ^^…
these is bad!!!
i don;t like these emoteuk w/e!!!
aw!!so that was a fake smile!?…
oh no!!!leeteuk don’t you worry!! we’re here for ^^
so cheer up!!wah my heart is going to explode!!!
woh!!damn antis!!i can kill them right now!!!bring it on!!!

leeteuk fighting!!cheer up! we love you ^^

Comment by justineluvsuju

pls send it to me ^^
thanks ^^

Comment by justineluvsuju

and yeah
third comment in a row,,,
i can’t take it…
anits are so dead if i’m in korea!!!
or we are ^^
jungsoo ask them nicely not to out soo much stickers and yet they still do so maybe he’s tired of it so he closed his diary tab!!!
and now anti’s are targeting his guestbook!!

Comment by justineluvsuju

Can anyone understand antis??? I don’t get it, if you don’t like then you don’t take an interest, what’s there to get extreme about??? Ohmygad I feel so bad for him, it muz have been really depressing with him being so tired all the time and the tight schedule……..

Comment by Roxelana

waahhhh…jungsoo dont worry i will love u forever….

Comment by yhantia18

I’m so upset to this antis. Why they make him under pressure like this. His entry makes me so sad. 😦 Please understand him & don’t make him upset again.
Lee Teuk oppa, we’ll always support you so don;t be upset again. If you cry, i cry too. Please cheer up & smile again to us.
Suju & Lee Teuk oppa hwaiting!

Comment by sakuralove

i dont like eeteuk like this. he always seems so cheerful but now he is all sad. i hope it wont get to him that badly. and hope he can cheer up soon. to the ELF, he is always the MOST WONDERFUL LEADER! eeteuk fighting!!!

Comment by alice

FREAKING ANTIS. asdfghgskdf. they should have something better to do than ruin our angel’s life =.=
-like, drown in the ocean?- T-T

teukieteukie~~~ please dont blame us for not listening to you~~ DDDDX

we’re good ELF-ves .

blame those antis. D:

now im sad. =.=

Comment by kyuuwhi

What happened?! I don’t now what the damn antis did, but I really hate them for making the bubbly leader of SuJu so depressed!
SuJu oppas, HWAITING!
Rmb HaengBok! You all taught me that… Practice what you preach!

Comment by ELF @ heart

what’s this about stickers? 😦

Comment by candychu

@ hana:
Those antis really have nothing else better to do.. I’m really wondering why they have to make other people’s lives miserable and perhaps not think about making their lives more fulfilling? (-┏)

@ Jessie:
Too depressing 😦
At least we know the boys will always be there for him ♥

@ sujufan:
You’re welcome! <333

About Cider on KBS World, I actually have a dvd recorder but I’m not sure how to link it up with my computer.. 😦 Hmmm, perhaps someone kind enough will upload it onto youtube? ^^

@ sureyya:
*helps you to slap* Gahhh, that’s why!!! Well, I believe in karma… so, we’ll see. XD

What you said.. it’s so touching ♥ I hope Jungsoo realizes that there’ll always be more ELF to fight back all those antis and that we’re always here for him, 24/7 ^^

@ iheartmeowing:
♥ ELF Jjang!!

@ justineluvsuju:
You’ve got mail! Although there are anti-messages on his guestbook, there are still those messages filled with love by ELF ♥

I guess… He always tries to act strong because he’s the leader, and he knows he has to be there to be the foundation of the group… and imo that’s why even when he’s upset or troubled, he usually keeps it to himself T__T and he doesn’t want the others to worry about him. I watched the Relay Talk of theirs again, and about Ming saying he wished Teukie would open up more to the other members, it’s so true, I really wish he did too.. Because 13 + ELF is invincible ^-^* ♥

@ Roxelana:
I totally agree with you.. I think antis are sadistic. (-┏) It’s been pretty tough lately.. I really pray that he pulls through it all.

@ yhantia18:
ELF <333

@ sakuralove:
Hwaiting~ Those antis have really nothing else better to do..

@ alice:
Same here! I miss his high-pitched laughter so so so much 😦 He’s the best leader ever ♥♥

@ kyuuwhi:
Lol, what goes around comes around ^^

Don’t be sad 🙂 If we’re all one against the antis, then it’s half the battle won!! 😀

@ ELF @ heart:
Well they say stuff to annoy him, and sometimes, cuss or insult at him… and I mean, all of us are humans, and we have feelings. I just don’t understand why they can go through so much just to make someone feel horribly terrible. They really have hearts made of iron.(-┏) Ugh.

@ candychu:
It’s those cutesy images that users paste on his diary entries.. and they can’t be removed unless the owner removes it himself and it totally blocks his entries all the time. For example, this.

He told people politely to stop pasting the stickers but I guess antis just go against him anyway. T__T So I guess he gave up and closed his diary tab and recently, many antis have been attacking him. 😦

Comment by ilovejr

Teukie~ Anytime when you feel tired or upset. Looking back, you’ll see many E.L.F still support and stand by you always. Don’t forget, all of us are your Everlasting Friend. Be Strong! Fighting!!!

Comment by Gae

It’s really nice to see how many people are supporting Leeteuk. He’s got a really tough job…

It’s an odd feeling… even if I don’t know him in real life, I find myself feeling really bad for him.

Comment by ozayu

Teukie oppa pls don’t be sad again. Pls remember that 12 members of Suju & all ELF will always support you. If you sad or something, pls share it with others so you don’t sad alone. I pray that you will be ok & smile again to us. Lee Teuk oppa hwaiting. 🙂
Thanks ilovejr for your translation. Yeah, antis don’t have better job to do unless make someone mad. 😦

Comment by sakuralove

teukie feel better !!
i am always supporting you [: and the rest of suju members of course.

saranghae teukie FOREVERRRR ❤
keep up the great work

Comment by Tinnah

aaaahw, teukie TT___TT its alright, your elfs are much much much much much much much much more stronger than those stupid antis (=

Comment by lovemixin

… stupid people, seriously can’t they leave the poor guy alone? .. Teukie!! Pls don’t be sad!! this makes me so sad too, awww.. hope you’ll forget about this soon! ;_; we support you EeTeuk!

Comment by Joyce

teukie, need a helping hand to beat those antis?
i’m in..

Comment by nda

@ Gae:
Awwww~ Your reply is so sweet! Indeed, “Everlasting Friends” <333333 Fighting!!

@ ozayu:
An extremely tough one T__T Many ELF are even replying with “HwaiTeuk” on In Young’s cyworld! ♥

I agree with you… It’s like you know he’s hurting inside, and you’re hurting for him too 😦

@ sakuralove:
I sincerely hope he shares his problems with the other members too~ United we stand, divided we fall! 😀 One for all & all for one! Okay, I’m getting cheesy with my replies! Haha! 😀 But… ♥ ♥

Antis are too free that they don’t need to think of their own lives :/
You’re welcome!! <333

@ Tinnah:
He’s looking much better now so I hope he puts this matter behind him~ ^^

Thank you so much! <333 ^^;;;

@ lovemixin:
ELFs Unite!! Will beat all those antis 😀 😀

@ Joyce:
Gosh, they really have nothing better else to do than to see people feel miserable! Hearts made of wrought iron! Ugh~ I hope he’s not feeling sad anymore!


@ nda:
I’m in too!! 😉

Comment by ilovejr

you dont worry

Comment by no

oh my dear tueki… i hope you will be you

Comment by princess scha

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