Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.17
July 17, 2008, 2:54 am
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Gosh~ two at one go! I think the both of them must really have some form of telepathy to post this within a few hours of each other, which makes me a very busy translator!^^ But a happy one at it!

Happy 100 Days SJ-M! Jiayou~

Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.17 00:33

Title: 100th Day Anniversary

Just like all those paper aeroplanes you sent flying to us tonight, I will give the same happiness to you all. I’m very thankful to all those who have been giving encouragement and support to SJ all this while, especially those who accompanied SJ-M throughout these 100 days, and of course I’m even more thankful to my cute fans. Hehe~~~! I was extremely happy to be able to spend today’s very special 100 Days anniversary in Wuhan with you all.

Although the recent schedules have been full and pretty tiring~ but once (we) see you all, (we’ll) get very excited. Today, I’ve also especially prepared a piano performance, and it’s my first time publicly performing for you guys, I’m very nervous~ So at the beginning I even played a few notes wrong, hope you will forgive me~ Hehe~~~~!This will also make me practice harder from now onwards, although in now I’m still unable to do many things well, but you guys are my driving force. Just so that I won’t let you all down with all your support, I will continuously try to perfect myself, to surpass myself. Thank you all for all the touching moments, at this very moment I am very blessed~~~~!

I love you all~~~~!!!!!!

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Original source; Han Geng’s Home

ERRRM. Apparently, when I went back to check this entry like 1.5 hours after it was posted… IT’S DISAPPEARED!! T__T I have no idea what happened to it, if Geng deleted it or something… Hmmm… weird. Anyway, here’s the screenshot of the entry, just for reference. ^^

Ahhhhh, Geng’s so sweet. 😦 He’s forever so humble even with the success he has gained so far… and always so grateful and thankful to his fans who have brought and accompanied him to this very day. 😀 Hankyung, ILUSSSSSSSSSM ♥♥♥


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nice timing ^^
i tried to look for it but its gone ^^
nicie ^^
i want to hear him played piano ^^…that would be sweet ^^….
yesh he’s always humble and nice =)
i want to hug him if i can ^^

Comment by justineluvsuju

wow… hangeng is so great… and determined to be better…. wahhh we love you too!! anyways… teukee posted a new one too… i think.. it’s in korean so i don’t know if it’s an entry or something else… hhaha but it was posted like 4 am this morning

Comment by hana

O= he played the piano~?
aww~ i wanna seeee!

geng’s sooo amazing! (:

thanks for translating!

Comment by katrina

hankyung oppa !
wish u all the best…
and , wish u healthy forever !

Comment by fanny

WOW he can play the piano??!!
he’s so forever gentle and grateful
i will always support and luv him~
proud to be a chink


Comment by sweethankyung

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