Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2008.07.15

Ah, it slipped off my mind the other day about Wook’s earlier fancafe message written in Thailand… Sorry about that… so, it seems like the SJ-M boys are officially in China right now… Wook with a fancafe message and Kyu updating his cy!! WOOO. (Okay pardon me for being more Kyu-biased) but he’s just so cute in that new avatar! KJSJHJASHJHDJHSJDHSJH! ♥

+ Kyu’s cyworld update…

Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2008.07.15 00:02

Title: In China

Hehe~~ We just ended today’s rehearsal..
Tomorrow we will hold Super Junior-M’s 100 Day Party~~
We had this thought early……
About looking back.. it’s like having a lot of ideas and thoughts
putting together into 1 day……
Really very thankful~
And I really miss the Korean fans~~
And our members in Super Junior……
And Appa Omma I really miss you too^^
So I’ll work even harder from now on~!!
Please support us even more~!!!

P.S. In the hotel.. Preparing to eat my dinner now!~~
Hehe Everyone must eat well^^

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!

Kyu’s Cyworld Update
New Avatar/Header image:

Ramen ラーメン

AHHH Kyu just makes me !die!. Now I’m feeling hungry and even though I can’t really see the pictures of those delicious Japanese ramen, it just makes me wanna fly to a restaurant now and order it T__T ♥

And aww, Wookie’s so cute. Wow, in a flash and it’s been 100 Days for SJ-M! Boy, that’s fast! ~ SJ-M 加油 Jiayou!


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can you send me his cyworld too ^^
aw! i deleted it on my bookmarks because he never updated his…sorry…
iu have to go…
i’ll coment on these tomorrow..
BTW thanks again….

Comment by justineluvsuju

Kyu Hyun and Ryeo Wook… so cute. Love my Super Junior Oppas.

Comment by Tayku

these two makes me hungry ^^..
ryeowook preparing his meal and as kyuhyun’s bacjground you can see the ramens,,,ahh!!
i’m hungry!…

wookie is so sweet!!!
i will support you more and more ^^

hey heechulie oppa has a new photo entry,, go check it then translate it then spread his love,,,its something like omana picture hangeng as the background ^^

looking forward for it ^^

Comment by justineluvsuju

can you post the CyWorld site for Super Junior and Super Junior Members?

and do you know the site to their blog?

Comment by Ryukuo

lol! Kyunhyun’s pic is funny! xD
Ryeowook is so cute/sweet…I like the line where he says he misses his parents..xD

Comment by xxdoiraxx

great job!!! how to get thru their cyworld – for english speaking fans?

Comment by blitz

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