Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.14
July 14, 2008, 3:36 pm
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I always have trouble when it comes to Teukie’s… sometimes, it’s just so heartbreaking to see him write these kinda stuff, on the other hand, it’s so touching and gratifying that he’s our Leader-sshi, and he deserves more than anything in the world as that.

Teukie, ILUSM. ♥

It’s a long and tear-jerking entry..

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.14 02:02

(Please, I beg of you, please do not paste any more stickers here)
I wrote this on the 13th, to all those people I wanted to thank..
The past week with the 1st Official Fan Meeting in Japan, the Name Card Exchange event, touch meeting..
The Budokan filled with 12,000 fans
Everyone’s sincerity.. I felt it all this time..

And hitting 4th on the Oricon Charts, it’s something I could never have dreamt of..
Really, thank you very much..
Arigatoh gozaimasu!!! (아리가또 고자이마스!!! Thank you in Japanese)
Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!! Super Juni eo!!!! deseu!!! (도죠 요로시코 오네가이시마스!!!! 슈퍼주니 어!!!!데스!!! Please give us care and concern, we are Super Junior!)

And the 1st Asia Tour in Thailand..!!
Every time we go, we always feel that it’s a warm country.. the first time we’re having a performance abroad..
The 1st Asia Tour.. it was filled to the fullest of 14,000 seats
Overflowing with pearl sapphire blue.. Because of the overseas fans..
They sang Marry U so perfectly.. my worthless self..
It felt like I was given so much love.. and I cried for very long..
Thank you.. Really thank you.. Mee Kwan Suk Krab??!!!!!^^(미쾀숙 크랍? I’m very happy??) Khob khun krab (코큰캅.. Thank you)
And those who were waiting for too long.. our country’s.. fans..!
We were away for too long.. Thank you for waiting so long for us, and not cheating..!!
You mustn’t get angry!! I’m Korean!!! ^^ Love you all..

And those who came from afar.. China.. Taiwan.. Hong Kong.. Malaysia.. Vietnam.. France
Really thankful to all those fans who came from other countries..
I love you all

Although we have different looks.. Different nationalities.. Different languages..
But we are one!!!!!

This time.. after coming back.. I really had a lot of feelings..
What should I do.. What path shall I take today..
Why should I work even harder.. and be even more humble..

Super Junior begins now!!!!
Thank you.. I love you…!!!
We are Super Juni~~~~or!!!!
We are E.L.F!!!!!^^
(Please do not stick any more stickers.. please..)

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlySJ13

Gosh, I’m just so full of admiration for our leader… nothing… can express what I feel, well except, ILUSM TEUK!! T__T His touching words never fail to make me go all soft and weak~

Ahhhhhh~ Hwaiting!!! ♥

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awww teukie teukie you are not worthless!! his “we are one” made my happy, as I didn’t have a very happy encounter with some Korean tourists yesterday 😦 I love you suju!! woo!! Keep healthy you boys!!

Comment by sureyya

ahh yes! Thank you so much for the translation ^o^ it’s really kind of you *hug*

Comment by sureyya

hehe..he sounds pleased & ok. I know, I went to go see his cyworld and its flooded with sticker Its cute tho. ^^

Comment by kay35

la~ u forgot to give me their cyworld linksT.T
i really wanna see their cyworlds…please?

Comment by georgebanana

~ahah~!!Is this Park Jungsoo’s blog?
I very happy!!
I’ll cry to you, I………I…..I……….
Oh my god~
I don’t know to say more
I very luv you and Suju!!

Comment by yoyo_love_Teuk_Suju


leeteuk is so nice!!!

i would like to ask if what were the activities of Super Junior after their Super Show in Thailand?…

thank you so much for sharing about his cyworld…


Comment by sujulover

love teukee! he’s the best leader! he takes care of all SuJu and ELF!! he’s so sweet!! Teukee-oppa, you are not worthless! you’re the BEST! SuJu hwaiting!!!!!TT_TT the Marry U fncam where teukee-oppa cries so much (and kibummie and others too) made me melt so much!!! TT_TT saranghe SuJu!!!!

thanks so much for this translation!!!! i’m so happy there’s an ELF like you~~

Comment by hana

wow!!!….I’M CRYING RIGHT NOW T_T like so much…reading his entry like that full of his love….ahh!!…i can’t take it ^^ i even cried when i saw the pictures of the Super Show in Thailand TT__TT so much crying..and i cry even more when i saw the pearl sapphire blue TT__TT (huhuhu!!);’)

thank you soo muchh for the translations ^^,,
for spreading his love ♥
lol..i don’t have his cy i only have geng, chul and shindong…if you don’t mind can you pls give me his cy acc?…
if its okay? ^^
thanks ^^~♥

Comment by justineluvsuju

Yes i found that it is a very touching indeed. Thank you so much for the translation. Tukiee is just too adorable and lolz the stickers heeehee XD It’s just coz many luv you. We are one yah! And I’m glad everything is a success. Is too bad i wasn’t there but I’m glad he mention my home country even though I wasn’t there at the time. I’m so touched!~ thanks again!~

Comment by Kay

what does he mean by sticking sticker?
aaah, what a touching entry

Comment by ultranguik

sorry for disturbing you,,
but i have a favor for you,,,
can you pls translated the article on these link…
i am looking forwarf for it…
thanks ^^

Comment by justineluvsuju

oh leadersshi is always so grateful and humble! i heard that he got hurt at the super show in thailand! poor guy should have himself more credit 😦

Comment by mui_gei_tal

awww poor teukie ❤
i tried to go on his cyworld, but couldn’t see it 😦 i want to see how all the stickers look like!
suju fighting!

Comment by jean

@ sureyya:
Wow are you a tour guide or something! That’s so cool~ Ahh think of the boys and they’ll cheer you up! ^^ And his ‘worthless’ meaning isn’t exactly what it means literally, it’s something like he should be even more humble…

You’re welcome! <333 *hugs back*

@ kay35:
There are still people who paste the stickers but they love him too much~ ^^ Lol, and it blocks his entry though T__T

@ georgebanana:
I’m so sorrryyyy! You’ve got mail^^ 🙂

@ yoyo_love_Teuk_Suju:
Yep it’s Park Jungsoo’s cyworld~ You’ll cry to me? Oh no~ don’t do that!! ^^ Thank you so much for supporting~ You’re welcome!!! <333

@ sujulover:
Well, there’s an event this Sat (July 19) at Lotte World and I’m assuming it’s a Supy event because SJ-M’s in China and they’ll be having activities there until around mid/end July? And then there’s MAA coming up on Aug 2!! Woooo~ Which I hope will be a reunion once again! *prays hard*

You’re welcome! <333

@ hana:
Gosh, that was so heartbreaking to see him cry like that!!! Ahhhh~ and it doesn’t exactly mean literally that he’s worthless, he just feels the need to be even more humble ♥ 🙂 ^^

I’m so glad and thankful that there’s ELF like you around to love Suju too! ^-^* You’re welcome! <333

@ justineluvsuju:
Awww, don’t cry!! 🙂 Yes, that pearl sapphire blue sea was so touching~ Ahhhh you’re making me tear up now too! T__T

You’re welcome! <333 Sure drop me your email and I’ll email them to you!

@ Kay:
You’re welcome! <333 Oh that’s cool!! 😀
Sigh, Teuk always makes me go all soft and weak inside… and the stickers are so cute! But they block his entries lol!

We are one! ♥

@ ultranguik:
I’ll just use a cap of another entry because cyworld is on maintenance right now, so I can’t enter!

See it here
It’s all those cute images beside the text.. and if it gets too many, it’ll just end up blocking everything, lol!

@ justineluvsuju:
I’m so sorry but I don’t understand Korean!! 😦 But if I see something similar, I’ll be sure to tell you! 😀

@ mui_gei_tal:
You’re so right about that sentence!! ♥ Yesss I saw that bruise on his right leg too! It’s all blue-black now I presume. He needs to rest T__T

@ jean:
You can refer to the link I gave to ultranguik , those cute images at the sides are stickers! 😀 And do you have a pop-up blocker? Disable it to go to his cyworld! (But it’s under maintenance now until 8am KST)

Fighting~ 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

here’s my email…

thank you!!
i appreciate it so much ^^….
its okay…
i’m soo stupid i didn’t notice your side bar ^^
its okay

lol..i’m soo sorry for
making you tear up…
i just can’y help it 😉
thanks for your time

Comment by justineluvsuju

TT___TT (crying of happiness and touchingness)
eeteuk angel is so kind.he very suit the role of oppa of
he has the most nicest words to say & inspire everyone.ELF hwaiting!

Comment by raybit

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