Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.10
July 10, 2008, 11:54 pm
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*edit* for more accuracy^^

Thank you justineluvsuju for the heads up! 🙂

Yay, he made a cyworld entry on his birthday! But it sounds pretty emo to me. Why Heenim, I’d fly over in a rocket just to spend the last few minutes of 10 July with you! 😦

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.10 22:02

Title: My Birthday

Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Birthday To Me
To Beloved Kim Heechul
Happy Birthday To Me

Although it’s my birthday, I don’t have anyone to see, and have nowhere to go either..
The feeling of staying at home alone and having a birthday party is GOOD (-┏)

Now the world is just like a kaleidoscope, having a birthday party is such a luxury.. Hu..
To have it cool-ly.. Hu~

I’m just acting tough (-┏)
*Heechul’s minihompy title now is “The world is a kaleidoscope”

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlySJ13 + OnlyHeechul + LoveChul

Okay I cross-checked with 3 websites but I’m not too sure of the last line… And please, if you’re using it, please just credit back okay? That’s all I ask for.. I accidentally found out about something that wasn’t given credits to me… I might be wrong… but it’s like, 99.9% the same and this person even claimed that she translated it herself..?

I really hope this doesn’t happen any more because it’s not easy to translate and get my info from different sources, and I really don’t wish to stop translating in whole… ‘cos I really want to spread the Suju love..

Thanks to those who are supporting me and making me blog here worthwhile 🙂 You guys always make me smile with your sweetest comments ^^ Thank you so much!

생일축하 Cinderella~ 사랑합니다. ♥

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Happy Birthday To HEENIM.
Thanks for translation.

Comment by Sara

awww… poor heechul. don’t worry heechul, fans from all around the world are wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. please don’t be sad cuz that makes us sad. ALWAYS BE HAPPY!

Comment by alice

yey! i’ve been waiting for this!!! thanks for the translation…. but heenim seems to emo… you’re right… what’s wrong with him? I wish he would be happier!!! all petals would come visit you if you asked!!! (hypothetically speaking) TT_TT heenim cheer up!! we love you!!!

Comment by hana

yay!ur welcome ^^
i love you for translating everything…
all their cy entries etc that is in hanguel!♥
and for being always awesome!♥

i knew it he’s singing to his self…
ahaha…thats the only part i understand;)

he replied to heejin’s msg…
anyways thanks again

i’ll post these on my blog …^^
i won’t forget to credit u,,,(i always credit ^^)


anyways its soo sad…
your these entry is emo..-__-”
me too…if i can only dig up the earth and make a
whole under the house that his staying at right now i will…like bugs
i’m willing to spend my whole day with him^^

i kind of feel sad for him =/
alone on his birthday..
heechul oppa,, heebum is always there ^^ don’t worry

your birthday might be done by now in Korea but here its just starting ^^


again thanks for the translations ~♥~

Comment by justineluvsuju

thanks for the translation… thanks for spreading the suju and heenim love…please continue what you’re doing… you’re doing a great job…

poor heenim.. he must be very sad.. i wonder what the boys did for him in his birthday… i hope they had a party for him or something…oh! i am curious of the presents that elf gave him…what could it be? maybe more pink stuffs…lol

he’ll be busy soon so he don’t have to be sad… i hope that he’ll have more projects after his full recovery..he’ll be @ the thai ss on july 12… maybe they’ll leave today to go to thailand???

Comment by crystal

im not really understand what heechul wrote actually,
does it mean he celebrate his birthday alone?
How nice if we can cheer him up
on his birthday with a big party…
and a big..big gift!!
im just dreaming right here
to have a chance to meet him is impossible


but i’ll be the most happiest person in this world
if i can make him laugh and smile
another day dreaming..

does soo he wishing him birthday??

Comment by aiqha

aww..happy b-day heechulie. =)

Comment by kay35

saengil chukhayo hee chul oppa!!
~i just found out this blog
tQ SOO much 4 sharing this!! [heart sign on my head]
don’t ever feel lonely….we love u so much

Comment by cheflab

Hey!Kim heechul,please go on your target.Do You mind if I ask You,are you a gay?Nevertheless,I like You.Do You want to visit my country?Have a nice life.

Comment by mayyadanarmaung

I love you Kim Heechul.

Comment by ingyinn

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