Super Show Press Con 2 on MTV J & K Pop 日韓音樂瘋 080703 (Eng Subs)
July 7, 2008, 3:24 am
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Heechul talks the most in this! It’s so funny because he keeps mentioning Vivian Hsu and Teuk’s in front of him laughing and clapping like a seal~ ^^ LOL.

If you don’t know about Teuk and his Vivian Hsu craze, please catch 1. Change & 2. UFO (Where he explains how he got that artsy book) Btw, my UFO Battle with Haemin got removed, so if anyone wants me to re-upload it please PM me at youtube; here!

akjskajskaksj and then Heechul goes on to say that he’s willing to go anywhere as long as that place has someone who likes him, gosh Heenim, I’d buy you a helicopter and be your personal pilot for eternity~ ^-^* Ahhh If money were to drop from heaven, that is. 😐


And I think this is the last of it all… because I didn’t see a video that was available for Fri’s (July 4) episode even though there should be so much more!! But, ah well, I guess we’ll have to wait for the DVD and other official behind-the-scenes footage then! Boo.


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thank you for subbing….


Comment by sujufan

heechul is so funny. wish they can have a concert in the America… hwaiting!

Comment by alice

haha heenim so cute!!! thanks for the subs!!!! heenim! suju! come here to the philippines!!! we’ll pay for your ticket!! hahahahha

Comment by hana

@ sujufan:
You’re welcome! <333 Hwaiting!

@ alice:
YES… Haha, I’d go to the moon to meet him there! LOL. Hwaiting~!

@ hana:
Lol, my friend was totally spazzing over that comment when she translated it! 😀 He’s so sweet! “I’ll go wherever as long as 1 person there likes me…”
HAHHHAHHAA You’re welcome! <333

Comment by ilovejr

can’t wait for the super show in malaysia…hope its not during my exams…
btw can u pls reupload the ufo vid of Haemin?? i havent got a utube a/c so can’t pm u…

Comment by ally19

so the artsy book vivian hsu?? i never pay attention on the book, just focus onthe boys,
eh, good choice teukie, i like her too XD

am i weird..

Comment by ultranguik

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