SJ-M’s U & At Least I Still Have You at Changchun Film Festival 080706
July 7, 2008, 6:23 pm
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I actually managed to download this in HQ, and it totally gorged my eyeballs out of me. GOODNESSSSSSS HANKYUNG’S SOLO is enough for you to sell your heart to him for free! ♥___♥ And his glares…… SOOOO MURDEROUS!!! XD (You have to click on the video to go to youtube to watch it in HQ!)

And they’ve got new outfits!~ Hae’s having a ponytail now, it’s so reminding me of Heechul’s during the Thai Press Con of Super Show, lol. It’s kinda cute but I’d say this again, I prefer him with shorter hair… like in Unbelievable Outing! ^^

Btw, I was trying to sub SJ-M’s Bravely Going Forward 勇往直前 14 min “preview” (the full show will be broadcast in Aug) after downloading this HQ version of it… until I realized the first half was really HQ, but it started getting filled with static (picture + sound) halfway through and the sound and picture became non-synced, and yes, unfortunately, I was already subbing it 3/4 way through by then as well. Boo. Such a waste to give up on it. I guess I’m gonna look for another raw video or something. 😦


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IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD THE SJ-M’S BRAVELY GOING FORWARD IN RAW TYPE (NOT SUB) in HQ, you can try to download it at Furura’s LJ . it’s my friend’s link, but she said that it’s the better version than youtube version.

Remember to thank Furura y/y? ^^;;;
*comment edited by ilovejr on July 29*

Comment by sayshey

i just wanna ask where do you get your HQ clips of SJM? i been lookin round but not havin any luck~~ is there a specific site or clubbox you go to? thx

Comment by Mish

@ sayshey:
Hey thank you! But I managed to find another one before that and I uploaded it already! But thank you so much for the link anyways <333

@ Mish:
I don’t always get HQ clips, it depends on my luck whether they are HQ or not, lol! Well~ for SJ-M stuff it’s much harder to find at clubboxes…

Comment by ilovejr

I’m sorry but that link was uploaded by me and I mentioned it very clearly in my lj NOT to redistribute the link around.

do i know you? you called said “friend”?

Comment by Furura

@ Furura:
Mianhae!! 😀 Done with all the editing 😉

Comment by ilovejr

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