Random Post: Eeteuk’s & Heechul’s UFO Town Replies
July 6, 2008, 11:10 am
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I’m supposing these were pretty recent because I just found translations of them… but anyhow, they’re too sweet and cute ^^ Aww, Angel Teuk~ And I found some other cute facts (or so it seemed) about Hankyung and Kyu, will probably translate them some time the coming week!

Eeteuk’s UFO Town Replies

E.L.F.: Oppa why are you so skinny! Please grow more flesh!
Teuk: I’m sorry~

E.L.F.: Oppa! I successfully managed to snatch a ticket! Oppas~ I will disguise myself as Heenim before going! You must remember!
Teuk: You’ll wear the same as Heenim?? Where? Oppa will go overㅋㅋ

E.L.F.: Didn’t you say you won’t leave.. 13 of you.. So annoying.. So tired
Teuk: I don’t want you all to feel tired.. Sorry.. I will protect 13, because I’m the leader
(AWWW ♥, this TOTALLY made me melt!)

E.L.F.: I’m so sorry but I love you…
Teuk: This isn’t fake right?..
(LMAO of course, Teuk! It’s true~~ ^-^*)

E.L.F.: Uncle Teuk!!! It’s now the correct time to call you uncle
Teuk: Why!!!! It’s OPPA!!!!!!

E.L.F.: There was so much meaning to the concert! Lu~Lu~Luxemberg!!! And then what’s after~?
Teuk: Argentina!

E.L.F.: I love all 13. No matter what you must always be together, truly be happy
Teuk: I’m blessed because there’s all of you.. Love you all.. I want you all to be happy
(akjskjkdjskjdksjkdf I’m getting diabetes soon!!)

E.L.F.: Because you all are the best singers, that’s why I’m full of pride. You all are E.L.F.’s hope and pride, love you all
Teuk: Thank you.. Without you all, we don’t have any reason for existing.. ^^

E.L.F.: Ah.. My heart pains for you..
Teuk: Ah.. My heart pains too.. Hwaiting~ Hwaiting Hwaiting!

E.L.F.: I sent this secretly during remedial session!!!
Teuk: What a difficult challenge

+ Heechul’s UFO Town Replies…

Heechul’s UFO Town Replies

Heechul: What do you want to know?

E.L.F: E.L.F. are voting now~ Please give us a moment. Receive the prize. The award has flown out already!
Heechul: When you throw it please be careful of the sharp ends, it’ll tear open heads

E.L.F: Ya
Heechul: Ho~

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlyHeechul + OnlyJS

LMAO! I’d really like to see more of Heechul’s and Kyu’s witty comments but there are so few!! 😦 And Teuk’s the sweetest ever~ Awwww I’m really gonna get diabetes soon XD

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E.L.F.: Uncle Teuk!!! It’s now the correct time to call you uncle
Teuk: Why!!!! It’s OPPA!!!!!!

LOL~ so funny!
and heechul! haha xD

thanks for translating!! <33

Comment by katrina

Heechul: What do you want to know?

I can’t help but laugh at this. Haha, he’s too cute. I’d really like to see more of HeeChul’s and Kyu’s witty comments as well. Eeteuk is always sweet. He’s a really wonderful leader.

Thanks for the translation dear. <333!

Comment by cm

i’m needing some insulin shot in here~ haha.
eeteuk♥ is just the sweetest.
i want more of heenim and kyu’s replies!
thanks for the translations~ ♥

Comment by iheartmeowing

LOL. ^_^ Teuk is soo sweet. haha, i love reading UFO replies. xP thanks for translating. 🙂

Comment by coriohh

I really would like to see more of Heechul, Kyuhun & Hankyung and all the members. hahahaha!

Leeteuk is so nice & sweet.!

Thanks for translating it!!!

Comment by sujufan

i relly wanna see their cyworld and talk to them.. but too bad i cant understand korean.. 😦

Comment by xion

Heenim’s so funny! and angel teukee is the sweetest…. made me melt!!!! wah…… i’m so thankful for your post…. it made me want to study and work harder even after this really bad day! angel teuk’s just so sweet…. he’s sense of responsibility and oh so sweetness is something to emulate… hehe… love suju!!!!

Comment by hana

Hahas.. Its so funny.. Thanks for sharing with us! Love suju!!

Comment by Joann

i’m going to melt~~~~~
(i melted alredy wahh!)
ahahah iteuk is so funny ~u~
ahaha heechul is so sweet ♥-♥
i love them or should i say we love them super duper duper very very much more!!

Comment by justineluvsuju

@ katrina:
I really cracked up on that “Uncle” message as well~ Teuk’s in denial about his age! HAHA Just kidding, he’s still young aye, we won’t round the figure up for sure! ^^

You’re welcome! <333

@ cm:
OH YES, I really want to see more of Kyuchul’s replies! Kyu’s ever so witty off-cam and I think that it’s mainly through UFO replies we get to see them! I just saw a reply he made on a friend’s cyworld today and goodness me! That… !sarcasm! TOOO FUNNY. Haaha! 😀

You’re welcome! <333

@ iheartmeowing:
Teuk really wanted to make me melt~ All that glucose!!! XD If I find them, I’ll definitely translate them for sure!

You’re welcome! <333

@ coriohh:
The UFO replies show all their sweet, witty and hilarious side, imo! 🙂 I wish there were more too!

You’re welcome! <333

@ sujufan:
Teuk’s as sweet as sugar! ♥ I’d like to see more of them too, I’ll translate them if I see them!

You’re welcome! <333

@ xion:
I don’t understand Korean too 😦 But don’t fret, I’ll try my best to translate their entries and such yeah~ 😀

@ hana:
Heenim’s are… so crackable! HAHA. Teuk’s the icing on my cake! *__* He’s such a wonderful leader, always wanting to protect 13… it’s just so touching and heart-warming to know that he’ll always be there in charge of everything 🙂

Hwaiting yeah~ I hope Suju brightened up your day! I’m thankful that you visit my wp too! ^^

@ Joann:
^^;;; You’re welcome! <333

@ justineluvsuju:
I really should get a portable refrigerator and teleport to whoever who melts with Teuk’s sweetness and freeze you back into 1 piece so you can melt all over again with the other 12’s sweetness! ^^;;; LOL. 😉

Yessss, the light at the end of our tunnels! HAH.

Comment by ilovejr

hee chul :Ho~

hahaah..soooo cool

Comment by cheflab

not many of Heechul’s reply…T.T

teukie is so sweet…

Comment by WeLuphJaejoongie

I love suju, Heechul thực sự đáng yêu, Cô bé Lọ Lem của tôi đang cố gắng: x: x

Comment by ELF

I love heechul ^^!

Comment by ELF

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