Eunhyuk’s Birthday Song for Eeteuk

The song was played on Sukira last night, and Leader-sshi cried a bucket hearing that! Okay, I’m just exaggerating but he was crying behind that piece of paper so I don’t really know! Anyway, it’s just sooo touching! Especially the lyrics! Awww~ ♥

Although at first I thought it was Hyukjae who wrote the song but apparently Sukira’s PD wrote the song in one night and Hyukjae recorded it just the night before Teuk Day! Lol, nevertheless, it’s too cute! The song starts at 01:18~

credits; tokawaii @ youtube

+ Translations of the lyrics under the cut~

1983.07.01, 25 birthdays
I can finally welcome today after waiting for so long
I’m actually a little shy
I’m not good at expressing myself
But I’m gonna try calling Hyung’s name
To say a word, I wish you Happy Birthday
It is an easy thing to say,
but it’s just like blocking my mouth,
and it’s hard to say it out
In this lyrics, I express my heartfelt wishes and feelings
Come, blow your candles~

You charm that you can’t hide
You made me fall wholly into it
Every night from 10-12
We will meet you, Eeteuk
The person whom we want to be with forever
Is you, our Prince Eeteuk
I want to thank you
For coming into this world

It’s touching that you came down to this world
It’s an unexpected gift
Hyung’s our dignified leader
Behind Hyung who’s walking in front
are us, your 12 members
Don’t always be the only one
Super Junior will always share the sadness and happiness

Your charm that you can’t hide
You made me fall wholly into it
Every night from 10-12
We will meet you, Eeteuk
The person whom we want to be with forever
Is you, our Prince Eeteuk
I want to thank you
For coming into this world

Angel (Special Day)
Teukie Teukie.. Eeteukie

Everlasting Friends are your wings
Kiss the Radio (Forever)
Happy Birthday To You

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; KT Private Condo


I have no idea who the girl is~ Lol, Hyukjae just commented that she was ‘a pretty woman’ and he has no idea who she is either. HAHA! The lyrics are so cute! Sukira’s PD is soooo sweetttttt ^-^*

btw, You can download the song at SayUu.13SJ‘s wp! 😀 Kamsahamnida~~~ Be sure to thank her!!!


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soompi people said that the girl’s voice is one of the membe of CSJH the grace. is that true? the song was good, like hearing One Love song

Comment by sayshey it possible if you translate the whole video??coz I’d like to noe what did they said before & after the song..its kinda like a request hehe 🙂

Comment by widz

I honestly thought Hyukie composed it, lol. I luvvv Teukie’s laugh. I’m so thankful for the DL link! thanks to u too for providing it. It’s studio version isn’t it? YAY~ Happy belated bday to our beloved eternal leader-sshi~ I tried going to his cyworld to wish him happy bday but my line was sooo lagging with all the stickers lol.

Comment by roxelana

thanks alot^^

Comment by ikiyoka

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh…. teukee cried…. teukee cried!!!! aw.. so sweet and so cute!!! everyone loves teukee.. no reason not to…. aw…..

Comment by hana

thanks for the lyrics!!!! love suju!!! 😀

Comment by smilez

Where can I download the VIDEO?

Comment by Linda

can i have a korean lyric?
i really want to have a korean lyric because i want to sing it with hear the song…
thx for share this!!^^

Comment by Floren

i like the song…aww..that was sweet of eunhyuk.. ^_^

Comment by kate

tis song reminds me of the song some of the members sang on the day of his “comback” to sukira after the accident (i know its kinda old but they sounded so happy he’s back)…i can up/l it if u want.

Comment by ally19

i found it tnx

Comment by michiko

Thank.. you for this post.. much appreciated… =D

Comment by SidUK

Eunhyuk is cute….very talented in rapper and dance….always be cool and I hope you will happy…I want to know sungmin is your brother…

Comment by momoi

do you have the hangul lyric?

Comment by puidoh

oh wow.. Well that made my heart light.. The song is amazingly touchyyy.. Our dear teukie oppa must have been so so so touch.. Cause he heard it from his dear brothers.. Theyre so adorable! I wish i have brothers like them! Hehe..^^
thanks for the translation! Xoxoxo >.<

Comment by aubreylovesuperjunior

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