Random News: Soccer with Hosuhae
June 29, 2008, 3:59 am
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I don’t really update myself with Dong Bang stuff, so mian!… I thought they were in Japan but it seems like they’re now back in Korea too! ^^ Chanced upon this while I was doing my usual rounds around all the forums. Hae looks so cute in Yoochun’s jersey! I heard news that Yoochun was hospitalized due to stomach problems coming from irregular eating habits and I sincerely hope he’s much better now~ Yoochun hwaiting! Get well soon!

Credits; SJF + U-know Yunho Baidu Bar + as tagged

So Yunho, Junsu and Donghae went to play soccer together on 28 June (yesterday)! LOLOLOL If only we could watch them at some live match! That’ll be cool! ^-^* I’m not sure who’s that guy in between Yunho and Hae though… Apparently they’re filming for a show? And I’m guessing that guy’s either the referee/coach/host? Haha! And Hae’s there to stand in for Yoochun since he’s unwell. I really hope this comes out as a show! Then we’ll get to see the boys’ sporty side again! WHEEEE! 😀

But, another part of me wishes that Hyukjae would be there too, and then we can see more of Hyuksu plus Yunhae!!! ♥♥ asjkjsdjsdhsd! Okay, pardon me for my imagination, lol! ^^


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that is SM’s soccer team..
i thought they were at japan..
oh well..

My god i love your blog soo much!!

Comment by justineluvsuju

hey there! just wanted to leave a comment to express my gratitude for your awesome blog! i hope it’s alright (i’m kim421 from the soompi forums) that i share your news in the suju thread – i always make sure to credit you and link back to you 😉 if you’re uncomfortable with it, just let me know and i’ll stop. no problem! 😉 anyways, keep up the great work! and thanks again for sharing & spreading the suju love! lol

Comment by kim

cool..i’m glad they have some free time to play some
poor donghae, he getting skinnier than the last time i saw him…eat more and get some sleep!!

Comment by krisluvsuju

<33333333 Thanks so much for finding these pictures! That’s cute Donghae is wearing Yoochun’s shirt XD. AND THAT THERE’S HOSU AND YUNHAE OMG OTPS!! Yunho’s shorts make me lol so badly though. LOL.

Love this blog <3.

Comment by spazzes

omg yunhaesu ^_^
i think they’re just chilling, having fun.

Comment by jing

yah! me too! i love this blog! totally updates me of everything! donghae!!! wish this would really be aired!

Comment by hana

@ justineluvsuju:
Lol, I had the misconception that the Dong Bang boys were still in Japan too! SM’s soccer team, that sounds awesome!

Thank you so much! ♥

@ kim:
Annyeong! ^^ Sure, I’m fine with that! 🙂 Thank you so much ♥!

@ krisluvsuju:
I guess it wasn’t exactly their own ‘free time’ because apparently they were filming a show? But at least they got to indulge in their favourite sport~ ^^Ne~ All the Suju boys are lacking sufficient sleep T___T

@ spazzes:
LOL, You’re welcome! ♥ Haha. I hope Yoochun’s more fine now! 😦 YESSSS HOSU + YUNHAE. But I love me some Hyuksu! XD HAHA. I was thinking why would anyone play soccer… with a belt?? Hmmm. He has sexy legs XD

I love your blog too! ❤

@ jing:
They are so ftw! 🙂

@ hana:
Lol, thank you so much! ♥ I really hope they were indeed filming a show as well. ^^ 😀

Comment by ilovejr

are you sure it’s donghae?
still can’t believe it,eventhough i already saw the photo.
but,isn’t donghae still in china?
or he already come back to korea?
sorry to doubting it,but i’m just too excited if they’re really comeback to korea!
are all the SJ-M members also back to korea?
wanna see them all 13 together so badly!

Comment by jongwonielove

which is donghae? dont seem to recognise him. ops. sorry im so late to comment about this. haha. but is he the one in red jersey, white cap? was this in the news? any video clips?

Comment by sirae

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