Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.22
June 22, 2008, 11:38 pm
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I was chatting with SayUu.13SJ on msn when she suddenly said, I wished Heenim would post more cyworld entries… AND THEN when I stepped into gyuhyuncn, that was what I immediately saw. A NEW CYWORLD ENTRY TRANSLATION! akKJAKjakjd! HAHA. YOU’RE PSYCHIC!!! ♥

Translations under the cut… Ahhhh, I love Heenim’s Cyworld entries so much!…

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.22 19:27

Title: 미 쓰 김 (Mith Kim = Mithra + Kim Heechul)

Epik High’s Mithra Jin explained his ‘rumours’ with Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. Epik High was recently on SBS’s “The Star Show” which will be broadcasted on the 23rd. Mithra Jin further explained that his ‘rumours’ with Heechul were fake, and that they were only friends.

Mithra Jin said, “I would go along like how lovers would and go for a spin with Heechul” and, “Although I’ve hung out with Heechul more than I would with my girlfriend, but I’m certain that we’re not dating, we’re just friends”.

Bear Mithra, don’t explain these things
The more you explain, the more strange it becomes (-┏)

Perhaps E.L.F and those in High School
will get affected by this incident

Our Mith Kim are not dating
Although we meet in the middle of the night, to eat together, to drink beer…

It’s friendship

Certainly not love

When we meet, we never touch each other
To the extent that even if we fall down, we won’t help each other up
Looking at it, conversely, it seems like Mith Kim’s relationship is not too good

Ah really…
Why am I explaining? (-┏)

*Ah That’s right.. I’m not dating Yunho either (-┏)

Kibum, Hankyung, Siwon, Jay etc…
I’m not dating them too (-┏)

I’m dating all the fans

Ah.. I can pretend that I amㅋㅋ

Translated by me. Please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlyHeechul + gyuhyuncn

In Mandarin, we have this saying… “越描越黑 Yue Miao Yue Hei”, which means the more you try to explain it, the more confusing it gets… and instead of salvaging the situation, it gets worse! Lol, I think Heechul’s trying to salvage the situation by telling everyone that Mithra and him are not going out together but he has the feeling that his explanation would make people think likewise! LOL. Don’t worry Heechul, ELF believes in you! 🙂 You’re dating all of us right! ^-^*

He totally cracked me up when he said he wasn’t multi-timing by declaring he wasn’t dating Kibum, Hankyung, Siwon, Jay and of course, Yunho! AKJSKAJSKJKDSJKDJSKD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!


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owhh poor heechullie.. people misunderstand his r.ship with bear mithra n others..
“i’m not dating yunho either~~~” lol.. he explains everyting even tho he said “why am i explaining”..ahh..he is so cute (^^)
thanx for translating!!

Comment by junna

Ah! At last, he updated his CY T-T
Thanks for the translation ❤
LOL, too many scandals huh? Never mind we still love you Heenim!

Comment by Kraeza

Poor heenim. Wow his dating too many people. XDDDDD.

We know heenim thats just friendship.

Comment by Sara


Thank you for translating <33!

Comment by spazzes

Weee~ Sorry I suddenly vanished last night :S

Aigoo~ Why can’t there be a 〃Petal SaYuu and Super Junior’s Kim HeeChul SCANDAL〃


Haha I really love his emoticons XDDD

But people all know that it’s only friendship. ..

I was looking forward to a camwhoring session post from him :))))))

Comment by SayUu.13SJ

we believe you dear heenim.
you’re only dating ELF~♥
heechul never fails to crack me up. XDD~

Comment by iheartmeowing

@ junna:
Haha I think he’s in some sort of dilemma trying to explain things but he’s afraid he’ll make the situation worse!

You’re welcome! ♥ HE’S SO CUTEEE ^^

@ Kraeza:
I wonder if he’s immobile now and that he can only stay in front of his computer to play games and update his minihomphy? Lol. I’m enjoying it so… It’s okay! HAHA.

You’re welcome! ♥ Our ‘scandal’ king is love!

@ Sara:
Lmao I really cracked at that part! He knows that people are getting ‘suspicious’ about his r/s with all his closer friends! HAHA.

@ spazzes:
HAHAHA I’m loving all the Hee/rella couplings! HANCHUL + HORELLA ftw!! HAHA But sadly it was more of Wonho during DC! XD Lol!

You’re welcome! ♥

@ SayUu.13SJ:
Annyeong psychic!! HAHA Hey I’m elated enough with the ELF Kim scandal, aye! Lol it’s more of like Yesung and Shindong who have all their camwhoring posts! HAHA.

@ iheartmeowing:
Dating ELF is good! ^-^* We promise to give him all the happiness in the world~~ Whee!

Ditto! ^^

Comment by ilovejr

poor thing…. always getting rumors… but i think most of us know its not true… but whenever those things (like the interview above) happen on shows, its just so cute and funny i love it… hahahaha

Comment by Hana

HAHAHAHAHA omg. this is amazing!
i was on a vacation the past few days and my friend sent me a text message that chullie updated his cyworld. haha i was dying to read it! coz his posts are NEVER boring!

omg. this is the best. x]]
*Ah That’s right.. I’m not dating Yunho either (-┏)
^^ I LOL!

Kibum, Hankyung, Siwon, Jay etc…
I’m not dating them too (-┏)


Comment by katrina

@ Hana:

Ne!! Haha~ Heechul belongs to ELF! Lolol! He’s so cute with his cyworld entries!

@ Katrina:

LOL. I was laughing out in caps like you too! Wow welcome back! Haha!

I ALMOST THREW OUT MY LAPTOP COS I WAS CRACKING UP SO BAD AT THAT PART TOO! But many people on soompi said, this part, “When we meet, we never touch each other
To the extent that even if we fall down, we won’t help each other up” was more funny!

His posts always cheer me up! ^^ ahhh~ Heenim, don’t ever close your cyworld!

Comment by ilovejr

hee chul: i’m dating all the fans
~~ me: aaahh [melting]

Comment by cheflab

Hahahaha! He totally cracked me up towards the end. I was a little shocked to see Yunho’s name, but… heh. ^p^

Comment by amasakireyoko

should u spend time to care more abt ur family? to heechul

Comment by tn

omg… why should i care abt u n read this… i should care more abt my essay.

Comment by tn

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