Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.12
June 12, 2008, 10:59 pm
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I’m so dead tired but I’m gonna update this anyway 🙂 LOL, Heechul keeps updating… I’m waiting for Geng’s though! If only he blogged about the Everland outing and it’ll be perfect! ♥____♥

The picture is of his computer gaming… so I won’t post it up…

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.12 14:48

Title: Very Good (Gaegood) Guild

Because in “Beautiful Boys Generation”,
no matter how you see it,
it just doesn’t seem like me
So I named it “Gaegood” guild
The members become more fewer by the day,
and thus, it was only me and Dojeokroa (Thief Ra) who were playing
It’s all because of my virtues~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Recently, my friend Bear Mithra doesn’t play with me anymore
Bear Mithra’s rap and his seldom-seen expression when he blows his cheeks are really…
so cute you almost want to kill someone^-^*
No matter what they say, Mithra, who is handsome and can make me envious,
is my friend
Everytime I see Bear Mithra, I’d think of his beard (유_유)

No matter what, the greatest Dojeokroa plays with me till the end (-_- )=b
Playing games at home quiety is now more better than going outside to play..
Am I… have I become very useless?? (-┏)


Credits; OnlyHeechul
Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!

Why is Heechul still staying at home?? Please give him schedules to go to! Like on Sukira or Star Golden Bell or Star King or other variety shows!! ^^ 🙂

I wonder if Hankyung’s in China already… I know Siwon is… Okay, Geng was spotted in China… fans went to fetch him from the airport, he arrived on June 11 at night ^^


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hahaha he’s such a dork~ <333
WORD! x]

thanks for translating ^^

Comment by katrina

@ Katrina:

Agreed! But why is it he’s not appearing these days? If only he had more schedules… 😦

He’s been at home the past week playing computer games + going to Everland!? 0____0

Sigh. 😦
You’re welcome! ♥

Comment by ilovejr

I just found your blog.. 🙂
I love all your post and your hardwork in posting about all suju’s current news..

keep up the good work ne..

P/s : allow me to be your official stalker..hehe 😛

Comment by Ninonoi

Yeah..i agreed with u..
He should be given more schedules..
pity heechul..

I wonder what is Kibum doing now since he is not in any of suju’s subgroup..

Comment by Ninonoi

@ Ninonoi:

Hi there! Thank you so much for your support too <333 I sure will! And of course you can stalk this wp! HAHA. ♥

YEAH. What is Heechul doing?? 😦
Kibum’s still filming Chunja’s Happy Events which will be airing till next year… and he attended this Blood Donation event thing yesterday, so at least we know he’s still alive and attending schedules. LOL.

Comment by ilovejr


yea. .___.
i miss heechul, he needs to be in talk shows and stuff, and be his sarcastic self again in front of the camera~ <333

Comment by katrina

Much love for translating ♥♥♥! I’m sorry, I’ve been reading your posts but haven’t had time to comment! >__<;;. But thank you for all the updates on SuJu ♥ :)!

Comment by spazzes

hey..thanks for the info bout kibum..


Comment by Ninonoi

@ katrina:

OH MY. PLEASE. YES. Just let him film Star King again, please LSM, I begggggg you! I wanna see the KHD-Heechul interaction again! Lol, I miss Heechul teasing him on YSMM. And I really hope YSMM makes a comeback and I’m sure there’ll be an ep with Heechul there. And perhaps… another Hanchul one?! *____* Whee.

@ spazzes:

You’re welcome! ♥ Lol! I’m honoured that you come to read my posts~ Heh, it’s the thought that counts ^^ I hope your exams are going on fine! 🙂

@ Ninonoi:

You’re welcomeeee ♥ ^-^* I hope to see Kibum more toooo. I need more updates on him! 😉

Comment by ilovejr

Ah you’re so silly~ ♥♥♥ you flatter us too much; I’m shy ^^;;. I love your posts ~ thank you so much for all your hard work translating! 🙂 Translating/subbing is much harder to do than spazzing, which is all I can do since I FAIL AT LANGUAGES LMAO.

So, thank you ♥!

Comment by spazzes

@ spazzes:

LOL <33333 You’re like… my sunbae! HAHA. ^-^* I love your posts more! HEH. I’m not very good at languages either but I try my best so more international fans + Korean illiterates (like me) receive the Suju love! ♥ 😀 Your spazzing always makes me laugh so it’s really a good anecdote to brighten my day! WHEE.

You’re welcomeeeeeeeee!

Comment by ilovejr

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