SJ-M at Guangzhou University 2008.06.08
June 9, 2008, 2:42 am
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They’ve changed outfits again!!! 🙂 This is the 4th time I think? WHEEE. But still very thick for summer. HELLO COSTUME-COORDI UNNIE, PLEASE GIVE THEM LESSER CLOTHES TO WEAR. 😐 I don’t want them to suffer heat stroke!

But no Siwon and Geng. I hope Siwon isn’t too sick or anything, and resting well in Korea before he goes back to SJ-M activities! Siwonieee HWAITING! ^^ Well, at least Geng’s got Heenim with him in Korea. HEH.

More under the cut~ I hope someone got closer pictures of these! ♥

I spy some KyuMi interaction in the last pic, lol.

And I found more from the SJ-M Baidu Bar; didn’t upload all cos they were almost the same. I wonder where are the individual shots. LOL.

credits; SJ Baidu Bar


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Ew Don’t you ever mention KyuMi again. I just don’t like that pairing : P (joooke =] ][But nooooo, I don’t hate ZhouMi, ok? (^-^)=b] The two magnae(s) [not henli.. SJ magnaes :P] are wearing B.L.A.C.K. Do they not know that black absorbs more heat?! I don’t want Kyu or any of them to suffer heat stroke 😦

PS. this is totally unrelated but what is our timezone? lol XDD I should have listened to my teacher 😛

Comment by SayUu.13SJ

PS :

lol individual pics are up XD

But i guess you’re already in the middle of uploading 😛

Comment by SayUu.13SJ

dont approve this comment coz this is just spam HAHAHA

i already know our timezone, im so smart XDDD



Schools starting tomorrow. NOOOO T___T

Comment by SayUu.13SJ

@ SayUu.13SJ:

Haha you flooded my comments, but they are love <333
Lol, you know my favourite pairing anyway, so I shan’t comment on Kyumi. ♥ YES. BLACK + 3/4-ALMOST-LONG-SLEEVE. Stylist-Unnie, don’t you know that it’s 30deg in China now!? T___T

Awww man, I’d have less time to spazz with you 😦

Comment by ilovejr

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