Eeteuk’s, Hankyung’s and Sungmin’s Cyworld + Fancafe Messages

*Edit* 2AM KST: Gosh, I just read from Baidu that Ming’s eyes were hurt doing their performance yesterday… and he didn’t even mention it!? T___T From what the source said, the sparks from all the pyrotechnics hit his eyes… and I suppose he just withstood the pain and carried on with the performance. OH MING. *heart shatters into 109201920192092 pieces* T___T♥♥♥ It looks pretty swollen and slightly red. Doesn’t it? 😦 I hope its better now!

Before vs. After


I stayed up late to watch the Dream Con “live” (as what they said it was) on Pandora and it was being very horrible by pixelating everything. I’ve got quite a few screen caps but I guess my DBSK ones were the clearest cos it was the that resolution was, I’d say, the smoothest during Tonight. Lol. I’ll probably post them up soon ^^ Pardon the annoying pixelation though. Haha.

So, Teuk and Hankyung had new cyworld entries last night right after Dream Con, whereas Ming posted on a few places… Both Onsaemiro and ChunHweeRong, I think they’re both the same and it’s really long. ^^

Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.08 00:14

Thank you…I’m really very sorry I only have these words..
Our E.L.F who kept their promise..I love you..
Were there people who got hurt?…I’m worried..
Those cheering from a place where they could only hear but not see..
1st level 2nd level 3rd level…all pearl sapphire blue balloons moving and highly giving support…
Dear E.L.F I’m proud of..forever in my eyes, mind and heart..
Forever squeezed in there..I love you…
We exist because there is you….
We are definitely ONE!!!! My heart is throbbing this loudly..
Thank you for knowing…^^
Shall we be together through life?…………………….^^I love you!!!

Translated by 13!La’MISS:fairy @ soompi

Hankyung’s and Sungmin’s under the cut… Sungmin’s message translations by me & autumn_bel, please credit if taking out!

Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.07 00:11

It’s a very happy day today,
it’s been so long since I performed together on the same stage with the other members,
i was so excited on stage, I didn’t even know what exhaustion is until i left the stage and felt like i was gasping for breath,
it felt more tiring than holding our concert keke ~~~

But seeing everybody at the arena was really very happy and blissful.
Thank you Korean fans in Korea who have been silently supporting me, as well as those with similar sentiments thank you all.
i will work hard with the other members to give you all a perfect stage keke ~~~.

everybody is finishing their exams soon was it very tough~~? Hope everybody does well for it.
Today is 端午节 (DragonBoat Festival),
everybody can relax for a while, dont think of your exam papers and have a good reunion meal with your family,
and let your parents be happy too.

It’s dreadful this time I can’t go back (to china), my visa has not been approved, so I can only spend it with you all on CY keke ~~~! this time it caused me to not be able to go to Guangzhou, its such a pity ==.
even though i can’t attend this event, but I still hope through this charity event in Guangzhou, more people will share the love and help the disaster zone children, allowing them to have a healthy mind facing their own future.
SJ-M this time is unable to make it to Guangzhou in full, hope everyone would not be too disappointed, we still have plenty of chances to see you all in Guangzhou.

here’s wishing everybody 端午节快乐 (Happy DragonBoat Festival) ~~!
and mum and dad, 端午节快乐,
in a few days time I will make it up to you two keke, and to my good friends, 端午节快乐 ~~!
you all have fun while im not around ~~ (no conscience).

Okay I shall stop, everybody have a happy festival! goodnight ~~~~~~~~~~!

I love you all!!!!!
translated by: iflytothesky @ soompi

and the longest of all~ Ming’s so sweet. I totally AJSHJASHJHDJHSJDHJSHD at the ‘Bobo‘ part. ♥♥♥

I decided to translate the whole thing cos the translator on soompi skipped some parts~ Lol…

Ming’s Onsaemiro & ChunHweeRong Fancafe Message 2008.06.08 10:05

To the world’s most lovable angels who made Super Junior shine at the Dream Concert,
Was it good yesterday?
Because I was too tired, I don’t even know what time it ended…
I’m very worried…I hope you didn’t have to spend you night uncomfortably at a sauna room or other places because it was too late and you weren’t able to go home,
Yesterday, I saw our sea of blue
Did you know? Hahaha
From the stage, when I looked up to the top right side…
Middle left, center… even those behind the stage and even those places where I almost couldn’t see (Those places)…
ELF couldn’t even see our performance… That’s really sad…
But those places that I could see, they were all very full… ㅎㅎ

How’s Yoriwang (Cooking? Cooking!)? Do you all like it?
I like it a lot~ Hehe… The dance is very cute~
But because there were female dancers by our side, ELF looked like they were jealous (of them)~
Just for the sake of giving our best performance for Yoriwang, everyone worked hard and had sleepless nights…
All just for this performance to be more brilliant~ ㅎㅎ
So, please don’t be jealous~
Please support us when we perform Yoriwang!
Yoriwang’s first performance… the sound system wasn’t too good… (NB: Because of the sound system and the blasting of the music which caused some lagging, hence their dance steps were a bit messed up)
And we didn’t practice much… Ah… We must practice more now…
With these thoughts~ Even if next time I don’t listen to the music, I’ll be able to catch the beat~ㅠㅠ
From now onwards, I will not allow myself to make mistakes!!!-0-;;
(The broadcast today will surely be very scary… ㅋㅋ)

Ah~ you know SNSD..
You didn’t cheer for them? ^^;; Is our ELF angry?
We’re one!!! Kekeke I wanted to yell that out too~
But yesterday we showed them we are one right?
We are one! ㅋ
Super Junior KRY+T+M+HAPPY = 1

SNSD should understand by now~
They listened to their sunbaes, Super Junior well!
And not others!
Because yesterday they received their punishment?
So now you must support SNSD okay?~
Because we are SMTown!
SNSd is also like our ELF, part of SMTown right?
It’s okay to have small rifts…
But if you prolong it and don’t resolve it… it won’t be good to our family~ㅠㅠ
So from now on you must support them~

It’s also for Super Junior’s sake!
We hope you can support all of the artistes..
Actually, ELF are really kind and they support other artistes as well..
No matter what, you must give us the most support! Hehehe
I’m joking… But we’ll get jealous too so we’ll work even harder to show our best!
So please support the other artistes as well~^^ Ke
Let’s show our best to everyone! And with that, we can stand on stage..^^

I won’t overdo it!
Will I get scolded? ^^
Even though the incident was saddening, all we thought of first was our ELF. We were worried about you.
Aish, the Dream Concert was too touching, I think my expressions are a bit weird. ^^;;
I almost lost my soul yesterday (He was too excited). Aahh
On the red carpet, I was trying to look all handsome and charismatic..
But the moment we go in, we have to perform the Opening act. I was so scared!
Had to control my expressions on stage. Kekee
I only ate rice because I’m on a diet. But the images of pizzas and soft drinks keep appearing in my mind.. Kekeke
What a tiring day..
Because of ELF, we’ the most handsome in the whole universe… (?)

No matter what, our ELF are the best.
I really really love all of you~~!!
I hope that everywhere we go from now, we can experience the cheering like today.. haha
Am I very greedy?

It seems that I’m really selfish. haha
I still have to work hard….
I can only get permission from my parents to get out only with good results
If I don’t send out messages to participate, they’ll get angry again…
Public performances should get more frequent too
Really tired..
Will I be fine after visiting the doctor’s?
I love you ♥ 쪽! (Bo!; kissing sound)
It seems I’ve been babbling non-stop since morning. haha

Its been 30 minutes… It’s really very long
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s 10 now, time to wash up and eat.
Ahh!!!! I washed up long ago.
I’m done washing up!!! ㅠㅠ
The moment I woke up I’ve been working hard writing
I don’t care, I’m going to eat now.
Our ELF have to eat well too
Study hard
Hope that you will do something meaningful today
Love you ~!!^^

Translated by me and autumn_bel @ soompi

Ming is soooo cute!! *squish* ♥♥ I totally DIED at the 쪽! AKJSJHASJHAJSHJHDKSJKJD


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밍 오빠[+엔젤득기,겡..슈주] 사랑해!!

But haha i havent visited any of the member’s cyworld yet XDD Ahh.. so much love in their post… <3333

Ming is still on a diet. Like.. I feel he’s even skinnier than me. o___o

Lol anyway.. uhm.. IDK what to say XD

늘 사파이여~♥ [typing in hangul is really fun XD]

Comment by SayUu.13SJ

@ SayUu.13SJ:
I’m taking forever to read Hangul XD HAHA.
Yes~ So much love! HAHA Hankyung’s is really cute. And of cos, Ming’s sweetest words pwned my soul ^^ ♥ He’s so nervous about their debut perf! LOL. But they rocked the stage, I’m sure! ♥

Comment by ilovejr

kaisvhdbfsuafd WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Ming.. OMG NOOOOO~ He should’ve married me yesterday so I could take care of his eyes 😦 [Ne, ne, have I told you that.. there are already 8 of them in my rank 1? LOL I said it to my friend and she went then why don’t you just make your rank one 13? XPPP ]

Comment by SayUu.13SJ

can anybody tell me their cyworld site…all the members please…^_^ please and thank you

Comment by Anonymous

Ohh, their entries are soo sweet.. :] Thanks for the translations.

Poor Min!

Comment by ayanurrs

@ SayUu.13SJ:

I just realized! Mian! Lol remember me as the bridesmaid, aye? HAHA XD

WOW so many people are tied. Lol!

@ Anonymous:

Hey there, what’s your email?

@ ayanurrs:

You’re welcome <33 At least he’s fine now ^^

Comment by ilovejr

deyre working so hard…n Ming’s on a diet?…hope he doesnt take it too serious…n poor Hankyung oppa couldnt go bak to celebrate da holiday w/ his family
poor Ming…da second pix show his eyes all weird
he should be alrite rite now since dis happen pretti long ago alreadii (1 1/2 month!) xD

Comment by ngannie

he’s so cute!!
of course E.L.F will be jealous to those girls who dance with our suju oppa in yoriwang!!!
he knows that fact!!!
i never thought that my sungmin good in express him self!!
that’s good!!!

one thing,
he must stop from his diet project!!!
or else he’ll be more skinny!!!
i like he in chubby!!!
with his damn cute blinking eyes!!


Comment by urisujuoppa

Min’s message was so long and cute! I hope he’s not doing his “diet project” now. I like a chubby Min ❤

There is “only 1” in my rank 1, and that’s “Super Junior” :p

Comment by min_is_mine

Omo!! Minnie Oppa is so cute!!
Although his in pain,he still perform with a great energy..I’m proud of my chakyo..^^
God,his words..”melts”
With those wonder oppa look more skinny now..
I like his chubbiness..Gyopta!! ^^
Oppa,don’t worry, i’ll cook u lots of delicious food..LOL ^^

Comment by sungmin's angel

i love SUJU only13 .

Comment by gob

i love Sungmin.

he made me smile every time.
thank you for anything.

love sj .

Comment by gob

Awww, min is sooo cute >w<
He told us to support SNSD… *cringes*
I would do anything for Min, but supporting SNSD, that I definitely won’t do =/ Sorry Min *hugs*

SNSD just really pisses me off.

Comment by Tinna

Aww SuJu really cares about ELF~~
I love that about them. ^^
I also love how Teukie & Ming said ‘We Are One’!!
Super Junior + ELF= ONE!<3

Ming is so adorable rambling about his diet, the Dream Concert, SMTown etc.
I wish he could be my boyfriend~~ 😀

AHHH~~!! Do you have a link to Ming’s cyworld!?
I can’t find it anywhere~
Or is it not allowed??

~~*13eyond Your Imagination*~~

Comment by Chelsea

My name is Emilie, i’m 13 years old in Europe but in Asia i’ve 14 yaers^^
I’m French cassiopeia, but i love Suju and Shinee!
I’m origin laotian^^
I love Sungmin, Siwon, Hankyuk very much >w<!
My niece Sarah love Shindong very much!! He is Cute, funny ^^
KyuHyun, and Yesung
Angelia love Eunhyuk so much!!!!
With, Donghae, Heechul!
Tiffany my niece, the little sister of Sarah and Angelia, Love Eeteuk so very very much!!

If you read my mesage Suju, please remember we^^

Comment by Jijiang

Hai guy:-]

Comment by Azimah bte hj abdullah

i lov suju and shinee too

Comment by indah_sung_min_ho

what is cyworld? i don’t understand what does cyworld mean.

Comment by Ari

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