Random Post: Kyu’s Driving Skills
June 7, 2008, 1:39 am
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I read this on, so I decided to translate it, it made me AKJHSKASJAHSJHJHDJHSDJHSJHDJ at my laptop. KYU IS JUST SO ADORABLE. Haha. Sad I wasn’t able to see the picture of his car though.

It’s just an excerpt, not the full thing, cos they didn’t allow the full thing to be taken out. So please don’t take it out, or take it out only with my permission! Thank you~ ♥

So before I read it, I had no idea Kyu could drive… From videos and other places, I only knew Teuk, Heechul, Kangin, Kibum and Geng could drive. I’m not sure about the rest though, if they’ve got licenses or what. But KYU. Haha. Was a major shocker. ♥______♥ But that boy is so ADORKABLE. MAKES YOU WANNA ROFLOLMAO ALL OVER!!! Like seriously, I failed my driving test because of the dumb directional change like what Teuk failed at on KSDS. (Watch here and here) Really, if you haven’t watched it and you’re feeling really down, you should go watch it cos its just so cracktastic XD I’m sorry Jungsoo for teasing you (its just for laughs & made with love) and your awful driving skills but, you’re still so much love! ♥♥♥

I loved that show so much! Okay, perhaps it was because its really relevant to me now since I’m still driving and all, and I know what’s going on. So before I drift off and ramble about Teuk on KSDS, I shall just start with the Kyu fan account. Heh.

Basically, fans from flew to Korea to give him his birthday present and attend Super Show in Feb. They are so sweet! 🙂 And the thing that they found out was,


(I don’t know about parallel though, it’s way harder XD HAH)

LOL! AJHSJAHJSHJHDJSHDJSHDJSHDJH ♥ Okay I admit, it’s really hard to park without poles, and Kyu’s still young, so I’m supposing he just got his license recently (I think you have to be 18 and above in Korea to get a license as well? No?)? So anyway, the fans had to go behind him and give signals so he could reverse properly into the lot! LOL.

So it was saying that on the 1st day, Kyu managed to reverse into the lot easily cos there were many lots left, but on the 2nd day, the parking lots were pretty full, so he had trouble reversing in. And he parked too close to the next car on the driver’s side, so he had to SQUEEZE out of the door. HAHAHA I’M SO SORRY BUT I WAS TOTALLY LMAO-ING TO MYSELF WHEN I READ THIS. Ahahaha Kyu you’re so adorable! ♥______♥ Can anyone imagine our magnae doing that? LOL. XD

And on the 3rd day, he took up 2 parking lots (._. );;; HAHAHA. Ouch. My stomach muscles are really hurting now! LOL and on the 4th day, he almost reversed into the tree behind.

AHAHA Yep. Kyu practically sucks at driving I heard, from fans who’ve seen him drive. And it’s pretty funny cos all the people on the forum are hoping that the car is his family’s cos if not he’ll probably damage his own car by scratching it or something. LOL. It seems like our youngest and oldest boy have the same ‘genes’ that they are so much FAIL at driving? Heh.

On the other hand, after reading it, I admire him a lot for his courage in being so brave to drive alone (even with his short sightedness sometimes) even after the accident! ♥♥♥ 조규현, 사랑해요! I tease him out of love alright, he’s so adorkble!!! This is totally random but I just wanted to share it with everyone, if you’re feeling down, I hope Kyu made your day! ^^

credits; gyuhyuncn


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*raises hand* Meee!! MEEEEEEEE! I can totally imagine him squeeze out of the door :DDD
Actually the GIF you sent me made my day LOL XDDD

Ahh, at least he wasn’t traumatized from the April 19 acciddent.. aiish I really shouldn’t have mention that.. Brings back painful memories 😦

But anyway.. Let’s love Kyu for being such a fail in driving XDDDD

Comment by SayUu.13SJ

@ SayUu.13SJ:

HHAHHA it was quite hard for me to picture him so dorkish like that XD But when I eventually did, it was such a KYU-TE sight! LOLLLLL. ♥

Ahaha. Which gif? The Eunhae one? ^^

Yeah, I’m so glad he isn’t. 😀 I’m so proud of him! 🙂 YES. HE’S SO FAIL AT IT BUT I’M LOVING HIM EVEN MORE. Whee. ♥____♥

Comment by ilovejr

haha hilarious. i cant imagine how kyuhyun squeezed himself out on his 2nd day ahhaah. 2 lots on 3rd day? sounds like sth id do… reversed into a tree? thats me!!! HAHAHAA.

Comment by hippokathy88

well, same goes with me with my first experience~~keke still, love him much!hee

Comment by yizha

@ hippokathy88:

YES! I totally couldn’t imagine him doing that… its kinda not matchable to his usual quiet, shy image. HAHAHA LOL XD Yeah, I reversed into the poles too. I’m too blind! Haha!

@ yizha:

I guess practice makes perfect! HEH. Kyu HWAITING~ ♥

Comment by ilovejr

yes, totally agree with u!keke

Comment by yizha

@ yizha:

The worse thing is that Kyu’s eyesight is also failing him… so I hope his skills do get better, somehow. Lol. 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

kyu is so sweet, i think…^^
he is really cute..!!
even with his poor driving, he is cuter..!!^^
haha.. i love kyu so much..
wish to be with him forever..^^

Comment by sakuya_hime

@ sakuya_hime:

LOL, HE’S VERY SWEET~! You don’t need to think! Heh ♥

YES AND UBER CUTE TOOO. Ditto~ Kyu ♥____♥

Comment by ilovejr

lol, how come veryone on suju is soooo adorkable?
two lots one car? hahaha

Comment by ultranguik

@ ultraguik:

That’s why! Haha its so cute cos we hardly see the dorkish side of Kyu. Haha. He can’t park properly for nuts! But experience + practice will do the trick, lol ^^

Comment by ilovejr

Aaaaah!!!! Can u please link me to the part of the forum where it says this?? I want to read the original! Please please please!!

Comment by ELF사랑해!

ROTFL!!! So cute!!!
Lol…I am currently laughing very hard…and trying to type at the same time…OMG! I thought he would be the good drive coz he looks so mature and all…eep…the tree part is bad…hopefully the car isn’t damage much…

Comment by xxdoiraxx

this DEFINITELY made my day! i can’t stop laughing when i am reading this. to top that, I CAN JUST IMAGINE HIM!! hahaha. OMG OMG!! squezzing eh? LMAO

Comment by kyuhyun's gal


im surprised to know that he drives, but what makes it really cute is that he kinda fails in parking too!

dang, i wish they had this on video but the fan accounts are pure LOL!

(shoot, i think i fell in love with this kid more as i suck at parking too! i always park in huge spaces. i’d rather park far from my building than too squeeze myself in a small parking space. ROFL.)

*hugs my driver’s license then thinks about kyu*

Comment by mrskwonjiyong

hahaha~ this is really funny and cute !

thanks for sharing.

Comment by meii

Is it ok if i post it in my Blog? Just a rough description on the whole thing (because Kyu is so adorable!), i’ll credit you! Thanks!

Comment by eiko-chan

@ eiko-chan:
Hi, maybe you could give a small description and link back 😉 I’d appreciate that more!

Comment by ilovejr

I dont mind to be his driver forever!! haha

Comment by alwayssuju

i wonder where i can watch the scene of kyuhyun driving. is there any related video to it?
please email me ok!

Comment by choczlatez

Ahaha, nice info, where’d you find it?

But ohh, I was laughing from the part about Leeteuk’s driving skills, ohh! XD
I can imagine Kyuhyun squeezing out of the car too! XD

I’m kind of surprised though, since he likes gaming and is apparently good, I thought those skills were transferrable. =3

Anyhoo, thanks for sharing this ^_^

Comment by Stars

He almost ran into a tree?! And he squeezed out of the car? -dies from imagination-

Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m a pretty new fan so I wasn’t aware of anyone’s driving skills for that matter. Oh, Kyu…you’ll get better.

Or not. xD

Comment by Sky-chii

kkkkk~what a FUNNY history xD this facts make me love dorKYU more than before xD LOL
thanKYU for translating it 😀 btw, may i translate it into indonesian and write it down into my facebook note? of course w full credit 😀
i’m waiting for ur permission 😀

Comment by Jill Cho

hello mind if i share this thing in my blog? i’m having the same difficulties of driving too lol and i just hope this can boost up my mood. will link your site too^^

Comment by fahamokha90

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