Live Updates from Dream Con 2008
June 7, 2008, 7:10 pm
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Last edit: 12.00AM KST/GMT +9 (All times in KST)

Siwon is not gonna perform (I think) because I read that he is feeling unwell and was hospitalized 😦 He made it to the venue, but he didn’t walk the red carpet. SIWON PERFORMED! It’s confirmed, or so I read! ♥♥♥

*Translated by me, please do not take out without permission! The updates below might not be entirely true, they are fan accounts, so please do not take it as fact! Thank you! ♥*

ELF sang a birthday song for Ryeowook~ Even though the concert has ended, ELF is still there singing Suju songs and they sung Haengbok just now ♥ ^^ and when Suju came out for the first time, ELF released all those pearl sapphire balloons into the sky~ 🙂 I can imagine such a pretty sight!

The concert has ended…

Things have gone pretty sour… I read Cassiopeians and SNSD fans have gotten into a fight, and that the SNSD fans got hurt and were sent to hospital, causing SNSD to cry on stage… (Well, although their fans might be slightly harsh, I hope that this really didn’t happen… it’s too serious!) And Hankyung’s banner got torn too… 😐

I think there’s a birthday celebration for Ryeowook going on… after their performance 🙂 & SIWON PERFORMED!?! ^^

SUJU’S OUTTTTTTT ♥ ♥ CURRENTLY PERFORMING DON’T DON! & A MAN IN LOVE TOO? I’m not sure… and ELF has been shouting “Protect 13 members”!

After SNSD‘s performance, the camera shifted to Heechul and his expression was a little stiff. (or so it seemed) 😐 And it also seemed like when SNSD were performing, the whole crowd started singing Wonder Girl’s songs, and everyone switched off their light placards.

*I think there are some Daum fancams out already, I seriously think people brought their laptops there to upload right on the spot, really very efficient! Right here. I accessed the link and they asked me to install something so I didn’t try it out… someone care to try?

SNSD finished with their performance, with only their fans screaming for them. (I think) Suju are performing now/have already performed, before DBSK. (P.S I read that Yunho’s banner got torn too…)

SNSD‘s having/had their performance… Cassiopeians and ELF are not reacting to them at all.

ELF has taken up 12 (I’m not sure if it’s 10 or 12, lol) blocks! And some are even sitting on the parapet (?)… and Siwon’s there.
At 21:39 (sorry, timing overlap, heh): Heechul danced to Tell Me, and pointed and smiled to the banners that ELF did, “ONLY13” and “S♥J”. (YEARGH HEENIM ILU!!!)
At 21:44 (timing overlap again): Someone went into their dressing room and saw Jungsoo crying!? (WHYYYYY)

* Wait, before more spewing or bashing of each other… there seems to be another controversy. Some fans online called those fans at Jamsil Stadium, and there seems to be no tearing of banners. So, I’m still unsure of banners being torn yet, they are rumours STILL. Please do not use vulgarities in the comments to bash one another, thank you! ♥

ELF threw water bombs at the SNSD fans (whoa!). Wonder Girls have finished 1 song, they’re gonna sing another 2 songs, and after them… it’s SNSD‘s turn…
(Goodness, I smell war :X)

*You can try listening to the live broadcast here. Audio only, think you gotta install some thingy though. I didn’t try it cos my laptop will hang, perhaps someone could try and tell me? ^^ edit; yep, its SBS’ Power FM, people have heard Heechul’s voice so I think it works 🙂

ELF and Cassiopeians are on good terms now ^^

Cassiopeia and ELF are planning to keep quiet throughout the SNSD performance. The situation of the banner-tearing has become pretty ugly.

Kyuhyun’s banner got torn too. ELFs have been bullied really badly, but no one dared to go near Hankyung’s banner… There seems to be 700 ELFs waiting outside still. Cassiopeia took up 16 blocks fully, but ELF’s 8 blocks are not full. (Why are they still not letting the rest of ELF in then!?)

SuPi (Suju-H) have finished their performance… and ELF has made this sign “S♥J” with their light sticks! (It’s so pretty!! ♥____♥)
credits; soompi

The SNSD fans tore 2 of Heechul’s banners. Just now a Kibum and a Donghae one too. 0_____0

Image update:

Eunhyuk’s banner got torn by SNSD‘s fans. (WTC!?)

Kyuhyun’s banner got moved.

From Chun Hwee Rong: They’re gonna take down their banners, to prevent any more damage to them. And the banners were stepped on by the SNSD fanboys (._. )”’
There are still many ELFs waiting outside, but they closed the gates already. (WHAT!? :|)

The concert continues.

The concert hasn’t continued. It seems like Heechul’s mood wasn’t too good.

The banners are confirmed still in good condition; no tears. But other fans (not sure whose fans yet) have been stepping on them. 😐

The SNSD fanboys left their seats and charged towards the stage. And because of that, the concert was temporarily stopped. (HUH!? 0______0)

Siwon made it to the venue, but he didn’t walk the red carpet. Many fans screamed for Heechul at the opening (GO HEENIM! ^^) The banner Chun Hwee Rong hung that took up 2 levels were torn apart by other fans 😐 The female MC for the night is Park Jung Ah. (Lol, she’s nice! I like her!)

Some ELFs had to sit behind the big screen; which you barely can see anything on stage. Once the concert started, ELF shouted “Super Junior” and “Suju ZZANG!” (YAY GO ELF!! ♥) very loudly!

It seems like there are still about 700 ELFs waiting outside to enter. Siwon didn’t go… Think he’s sick and hospitalized. (OH MAN, Siwon! I hope you get well soon! ♥)

Suju have finished walking the Red Carpet, clad in their black “Don’t Don” costumes… and because many ELFs are still unable to enter, so the situation there isn’t too good… especially since those foreign ELFs are also unable go in.

The 3 levels of seats are already full with fans, but many ELF are still outside. While the other fans of the other performers are seated inside… except for ELF. (WHY!?)

There are still many ELFs that were not able to enter, as well as foreign fans that have yet to reach…

The banner, “ELF Came” took up 3 levels.
They took down the “ONLY13” banner and hung SNSD‘s..
Instead, they put the “ONLY13” banner right behind 😦

Because there were not enough seats, the staff took down the banners to make space for seats. So, the “ELF Came” and “ONLY13” banners got taken down, as well as others from other artistes, like SS501.

There are about 20 Suju Banners… and supposedly, Eeteuk’s is the smallest, almost cannot be seen (WHYYYYY. TEUK! 😦 -CRIES-) and Shindong doesn’t even have one. (WTC!?) Heechul appeared just now. ^^ (Lol, and he cut his hair too!)

The current banner situation:
Heechul: 3, Yesung: 2, Kangin: 1, Eeteuk: 1, Donghae: 1, Sungmin: 2, Hankyung: 1, Ryeowook: 2, Kyuhyun: 2, Kibum: 1, Siwon: 1. All: 5

credits; SJ Baidu Bar + KT Private Condo


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What the hell is wrong with the SNSD fans?

Comment by Sara

They have passed the line of being extreme. Im angry right now. Poor ELF, however, ELF always make Super Junior proud. SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING. ELF FIGHTING. Lets show them that we are ONE!!!

Comment by Sara

@ Sara:
Precisely! :X Hmmm, the rift among the fans is getting stronger. I just hope Suju will be able to carry out the concert smoothly ^^ I’m currently updating still 🙂


Comment by ilovejr

Thank you.

Comment by Sara

I most of times wonder why people say ELFs are extreme when other fan clubs are like *i better not say it* something worse than extreme. A polite way of saying it.

Comment by Sara

why are SNSD fans hating on SUJU, taking their banners down and stuff. they should let SUJU have a pleasant concert. go SUJU only 13!!!

Comment by chuy

WTH is the matter with the SNSD fans???? tearing up other artists banners???

Comment by Aimee

thank you for keeping everyone updated ^^

~why is E.L.F getting bullied, the precious banners T__T this is so sad…and some E.L.F fans cant get in? what rubbish, this sucks >.< ~

SuJu Hwaiting!

Comment by chi

~whats been happening with the fans? why are stuff get torn and raids going on x_x ~
too much!

Comment by nadya

But even if the banners get torn down, they can’t tape ELF’s mouths shut. They can always CHANT. That speaks more [LOUDLY] than banners ^^

Comment by nadya

what are cassiopeia and elf doing , they cant just keep quiet and keep the SNSD fan torn the banner.. omg… what the matter with SNSD fan.. ARE SNSD fan starting the war. LOLS. suju fan are MUCH more mature than SNSD lor.. from wad i read from here.

Comment by wincy

Love DBSK! Love Suju! Has 13 members performed already?

Comment by Aimee

~your link is to SBS power fm right?? i think everyone is debating on whether that is DC or not but i dont think it is because Kim Dong Wan performed earlier and Paran is performing? and they are not supposed to be on there right??~ but im not sure listening anyways whilst waiting for pandora >.< ~

Comment by chi

Suju + E.L.F fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

yes. agree wit u. even there r many many many rumors said that almost suju fans r students..from 10 till 20s. such a contra wit dbsk fans.. bt thy still cn act mature. curiosity kills me now! y snsd acts like someone who r jus go out from a prison?myb thy r. duhh.
sorry, broken eng..^___^

Comment by nadya

SUJU + E.L.F FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by hangchul

All these rumors are making me sad =( I hope it’s not true and that they are only exaggerating.
If these rumors keep spreading, tnesions will start between the fans.

Comment by nadya

13 Fighting~!!!
13 Fighting~!!!
13 Fighting~!!!
13 Fighting~!!!
13 Fighting~!!!
13 Fighting~!!!
Nothing is impossible

Comment by SJ13

We’ll be beside SJ 13~!!Hwaiting~!!!

Comment by SJ13


Ah! This is getting too extreme! I hope these fan accounts are just exaggerated… otherwise, we are looking at one uncomfortable evening O_o

Comment by Aimee

those snsd fans are mostly boys/men whereas Sj and DBSK’s fandom were dominated by girls. they think they are so powerful.

i love snsd but i hate those _insert THE adjective_ fanboy

Comment by love~eastsea~

omo are you trying to make me happy?
‘ELF has taken up 10 blocks! And some are even sitting on the parapet (?)… and Siwon’s there.’ gah yay im so excited now! 10 blocks?? GO ELF!! and Si Won, hope he is ok!!

Comment by chi

Hey are you online at msn? or avoiding distractions? ..

well anyway Im getting confused all over siwon’s condition T_______T

aish :(((((((

Comment by SayUu.13SJ

wait… 10 or 12…? whatever … its still *YAY!*

And jungsoo crying? I hope its tears of happiness for the fans…

Comment by Aimee

Yunho’s too? :X I really can’t wait to see news of this by tomorrow so we can have a definite count of how many banners *they* did tore… such immature fans…

Comment by Aimee

Ahhhh!! Is Siwon really with them on stage? *hopes and prays*

Comment by Aimee

Im wondering was the dream concert a battle field between SNSD fans and other fan clubs?

Comment by Sara

Nickey- good for you.
This time even SJ were for it.

Comment by Sara

hey is it okay if i post ‘some’ of your live feeds in my blog. can’t really read chinese and korean so i don’t understand anything at all.

is it okay?

Comment by chesca

i’m a little bit shocked after finished read. is it confirm? i wish suju and elf save.

Comment by 13T.E.

why are they doing that?? it’s so bad.. poor my suju..suju hwaiting!!

Comment by sheek

Aww this is why E.L.F. is so great 😀 It seems they had fun I’m so proud of them 😀

Comment by Dragorsi

ELF Fighting! you are the one !!
SNSD’s Fans no fair play

Comment by ChjP_Hae


Comment by HEENIM

hey hey! can you watch it life??

Comment by yuting

@ Everyone:

Hey everyone, thank you all for the comments ^^ 🙂 I’m glad the concert went well even with all those rumours about the ongoings between the fans, no matter what it is, these updates are RUMOURS so far. So, please don’t go bash each other okay?

Thank You! ♥
I’ll be back to reply individual comments!

Comment by ilovejr

@ chesca:
Is it alright if you could link back here and perhaps provide a summary instead? Because I wouldn’t want people to spread these, they are not facts, but stuff I translated from fan accounts! Thank you! ♥ I don’t want to see fans bashing each other because of this! Hope you understand ^^

@ 13T.E.:
These are all RUMOURS, from what I read on the Baidu bar 🙂

@ yuting:
Yes I can! I’m watching it live now~ Finally Pandora is playing for me! *jumps for joy* SMTown sang “Let’s Go On A Vacation” (where Siwon was spotted playing drums, Ryeowook on the organ, Ming on guitar ♥) and another song (I think)!

@ Aimee:
If I’m not wrong it was 12, I thought I saw 10 at first though, but from what I read, there were still ELFs waiting outside during the concert. 😦 I hope I didn’t read wrongly ^^ And btw, I read somewhere else that Jungsoo didn’t cry, so I’m not sure about that, but if he did, I really hope he was touched and cried tears of joy! 😀

@ All:
Sorry I had to reply all under one 🙂 … YES I’m ♥-ing everyone’s ELF-based comments esp those with “ELF/SUJU HWAITINGGG~” 😀 I’m so proud of ELF!!! They really made Suju happy and proud, I’m sure!

And to whether the Soshi fans really did that, only those people who were there would know, so I really don’t know. I hope they weren’t too hostile to each other (plus Cassi) to the extent that people got hurt and had to be sent to hospital 😦

I have no hard feelings towards SNSD so… they’re all in the same company after all, I really hope these are only rumours 🙂 and not truths!

Comment by ilovejr

its funny how SNSD,ELF,Cassies are at war..
while our boys backstage are consoling the girls..
(just my thought)..aren’t we all happy..(^0^)

Comment by fabou

0.0 wow…this is really sad.
I like suju, dbsk, snsd, and wonder girls.
i do hope this is over-exaggerated, because if it’s not then the whole thing is ridiculous for fans to act like this, it’s appalling.
there is something called respect.
the fans came to watch the performance, the artists came to perform and make their fans happy.
what’s so difficult?

Comment by Angel

khhh darn i miss the SM act, i started watching…like…somewhere before epik high i cant rmrb ahha. i guess i’ll just wait for the sbs broadcast. (:

Comment by yuting

@ fabou:
Hmmm, fans of the artistes in the same company at war. SIGH. 😦 I hope it really doesn’t turn out too sour!

@ Angel:
I guess so, but we can’t do much about the actual fans who were at Jamsil. 😦 Pray that everything turns out for the better ♥ Peace yo! 🙂

@ yuting:
My Pandora is still on… it’s on repeat again. SS501 are singing Fighter now. I think I watched Don’t Don + Man in Love 3 times already. The SM Act & Cooking? Cooking! twice, lol. Got some caps but they’re sucky quality cos Pandora’s being very unkind and pixelated XD Shall post them up tomorrow cos its 5AM now. Hah.

But they cut a lot, that’s the horrible sad thing, guess we gotta wait for fan cams I guess. And SBS is gonna show like half of the actual show only, which means VERY LITTLE OF MC HEECHUL 😦

Comment by ilovejr

Thanks for the updates, my dear <3.

I knew there was going to be a ton of ~*~drama~*~ at this thing with the turning of the glowsticks and ripping of banners and fans getting sent to the hospital. I really hope that one about SNSD fans getting sent to the hospital isn’t true O__o.

Comment by spazzes

Omg,.. thanks for the update.
Dang, I had no idea, it’d be serious., I hope it’s just a rumor, the fighting thing. Unfortunate for those who loves DBSK, SJ, AND SNSD. They just had to pick one side eh? I hope Siwonnie gets better, he didn’t look very well when he performed.

Comment by KuKKIEZ

May I PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAASE take this out and re-post it onto my LJ? I’ll give your credit, and a link back here and anything else you require. Pretty please? ^^

Comment by winnie

@ spazzes:
I’m so honoured you came to comment! ♥ You’re very welcome! Yep… I kinda knew it was inevitable when the 3 biggest fanclubs had their alliance against the other 1… 😦 I read elsewhere that 1 SNSD fanboy got stabbed. I really hope it’s not true either! 😦

You’re welcome! ♥ Yeah, caught in a three-way triangle XD Haha. Yeah! He wasn’t looking good but he stuck through the SMTown perf, Man in Love AND Don’t Don! SIWONNIE, YOU’RE MY HERO!! ♥_____♥

@ winnie:
Hey, I’m sorry but chesca asked above too, and if I allowed you it wouldn’t be very fair to her, so I’ll give you the same reply yeah? ^^ Hope you understand, cos these are all rumours (though I saw a youtube video of people ‘supposedly’ ripping the banners) for now… So perhaps you could provide a small summary and then link back here? I don’t wanna see bashing of FCs 🙂 ♥ Thank you!

Much appreciated ^^ 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

OMO. how rude. couldn’t the fans just respect one another? they’re hurting one another and the artists they support. it’s just so stupid.

Comment by gonegagaoversuju

@ gonegagaoversuju:
Well… I’ve seen more ‘reports’ about it, and indeed, the banner-ripping incident is true, except for the fact I don’t really know who the culprits are, but my heart pains for ELF because the banners are really expensive and it’s ultimately cruel to damage other artistes’ banner just to get back of them. 😦

Ditto! I believe the culprits have also hurt the artistes they support. 😦

Comment by ilovejr

wow your awesome!! thanxx
snsd fans can just jump off a cliff along with tiffany. because of tiffany, 8 other girls had to fall with her (the rest of snsd)
im on dbsk, suju, ss501 fans side.

Comment by soohyun


Comment by winnie

@ soohyun:
Thank you so much too! <33333
Lol, of course I’m on the Suju side (and somewhat on Cassi & Triple S too) but I’ve got no hard feelings to the other fc! 🙂 I just hope they’re not the real culprits of the banner ripping. AH WELL. 😐

@ winnie:
You’re so welcome! ♥ ♥

Comment by ilovejr

The funny thing is till now most of them were all true.

Comment by Sara

@ Sara:
That’s what I’ve been reading too… I don’t want to believe it but… IDK! Its just too cruel… 😦

Comment by ilovejr

The ripping of the banners were 100% true but I hope them throwing rubbish and knife while DBSK were performing were not true. That would be beyond rude. I also hope stabbing and raping were not true because are SNSD fan boys bunch of sissies for attacking girls.

Comment by Sara

@ Sara:

Are you serious? I know of accounts of fans getting stabbed, raped, beaten up… but throwing knives!?!?

They’re totally inviting more antis by doing that… and making SNSD even more miserable!

Comment by ilovejr

Please tell me….what wrong with suju? i am not understand about suju fighting?with whO?and then what is ELF?please replay me

Comment by Ella

I love Suju and I think Suju don’t wrong .

Comment by ¶-¶a §uju_ßummie

Why did they have to be on the same stage?
Seriously, no offense, but I don’t like SNSD 😦 If you think I’m jealous about that, I’m not, I like lots of girl singers, SNSD isn’t my taste, and I don’t really like their songs. And SNSD sounds like a name for a disease, like STD. -_-” I didn’t even know SNSD till now and I had to check out their songs :S Waste of 15 minutes of my life. Dear God, how can I get it back. T_T

And SNSD = crying. ok. fakers. lame. pathetic. whatever.

Comment by Tinna

wtf is wrong wit SNSD’s fans..]=
can’t blame those crazy fans cause their idols r just lik sh*t!!! no offense… im an anti of SNSD since they make our oppas cried!!!

Comment by lynnie130

wow., d comments are too much…i din read finish all d comments…can u please tell me where is tis & y r thr so many “war”?!! does ryeowook’s banner get torn too!?

Comment by ryeowook0621

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