SJ-M on Sukira 2008.06.04

Minus Siwon, that is. Soompi was on a mad rush last night, with people tuning in to both Chunji and Sukira at the same time, LOL. Cos they were both too interesting to miss.


and of cos, SJ-M (Geng, Hae, Kyu & Wook) were on Sukira. EVERYONE MISSES THE GANG TOGETHER 🙂 WHO CAN DENY!? And as usual, as expected, many funny funny moments esp when they spout Chinese words/phrases out of the blue. HAHA. Kyu’s still into his 服务员-儿 fuwuyuanRR! LOL. AKSJKJAKJAKSJKJDKJKDS Totally cracks me up everytime I hear him say that. And Wook says he uses that phrase to hail a taxi!? ROFLOLMAO XD KYU ILUSM.

I’ve seen the translated excerpts of the Kyu parts by gyuhyuncn, but so far, I don’t think anyone has done it in full yet cos it’s just SO LONG. Haha.

So… here are the pictures they took.

More under the cut + random SJ-M news…

credits; sjmarket +

Hae’s complexion looks pretty bad, and so does Geng’s. Please take care of yourselves! OH I’M LOVING HAE’S ABERCROMBIE SWEATER and his signature Ferrari cap.

Sigh. My heart pains for them! I think they’re going through a lot right now… More practices for Dream Con just 2 days away, and Super Show in Thailand (sob, they cancelled the extra show)… BAH. -cries- 😥

Kyu’s like hiding this face. BUT STILL SO ADORABLE. 😀

Okay, I shall go find translations of the whole radio interview, and perhaps translate it again when I’m free ^^


SJ-M’s going to Guangzhou on the 8th…RIGHT AFTER DREAM CON, for some charity event “蒙牛酸酸乳•奔向北京,成就音乐梦想” (yeah, its really long, basically it’s some milk company’s thing for the Olympics). So Geng was right. What he told his friend… Sigh. Poor guys, they keep flying to and fro with hardly any break right after events. 😦


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hey ilovejr, its yuting here, b’s friend haha. How do you actually go around and find the trans? i want to see it too but i cant find it. Thanks. (:

Comment by yuting

@ yuting:

Hello yuting! I changed my name lol XD anyway, I can’t exactly remember where but it was just snippets of Kyu’s part. I saw the full one today but it’s missing a small part, I’m still trying to find it too 🙂 Will tell you again ya?

Comment by ilovejr


Comment by Anonymous

oops sorry haha. yeah thanks! if you find it do link me to it ya! By the way, do you need an account at to view all that? cos i think they need some QQ thing to sign up for an account…

Comment by yuting

@ yuting:

Sure^^ QQ thing? Hmmm I just signed up for an account just in case. Lol, I don’t think I had to use any QQ thing Lol. But BLG’s not accepting registrations, you got an account there? I think you can find most of the stuff there… 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

ooh cos i wanted to sign up for one too. But when you sign up they put the QQ thing as a compulsory field to fill in, so i didnt know i can just leave it out haha.
Nvm i’ll go try out if i have any problems i shall ask you again haha. Thanks anyway!

Comment by yuting

@ yuting:

QQ? Hmmm. Did you go HERE to register?

The QQ thing is not under the compulsory field… I think. Lol, no?

Yep sure, I’m always here ^^

Comment by ilovejr

Awww, how cute. ^o^ It’s too bad 3 of the members of the group are missing~ it would have been better with all seven of them. ;__; But still, very adorable. 😀

Comment by Melissa

@ Melissa:

Hahah… I guess they only allowed the original members on, lest they invited more problems/protests or what nots. Heh, yep, I’m still contemplating to whether I should translate snippets of their interview though, it’s too long. T___T

Comment by ilovejr

why kyu acting cute like that?

Comment by aiqha

@ aiqha:

I’m totally in love with his “fu wu yuan-rrr” ♥___♥

Comment by ilovejr

yeahh~~really love the ‘fu wu yuan er’~~keke neway, please update more about kyu~~i know that this blog is for suju all 13 boys, but i cant help it to read more extra about kyu *the latest, i mean*~~hohoh bout the, i cant reg thru it because of language barrier~~ poor me! TT.TT
neway, thanx for all the updates, dear!

Comment by yizha

watashi guzhimasi to all o0f you..

Comment by sakura

haloooooooooo.,., hehehe

Comment by bethzaida

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