(Emo)Teuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.05
June 5, 2008, 12:51 pm
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Bah… Don’t tell me… this was dedicated to his 6-year crush?! Read HERE.

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.06.05 03:27

I miss you just like this… Can you feel it?
I long for you everyday just like this… Do you know?
I cannot erase you from my memory just like this… Was it conveyed to you?
I treated you just like this… Suddenly… Now… Good Bye…

credits; BLG + translations by me.

Jungsoo, why aren’t you sleeping at wee hours of the morning? 😦
Those deep deep words… they are pretty heart-wrenching.

Who is that person… RAH. Oh Teuk, please cheer up! ^^ ♥
D-2 to DC! Eternal leader hwaiting!


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i tried to find a contact e-mail where i could have contacted you, but couldnt find one so i hope that its ok that i’ve written here.

i noticed u were able to see teukies cyworld and can read korean! i was wondering if you could help me, i signed up for a cyworld and then i got a e-mail in return, but its all in korean. i think its something about me needing to provide identification, but as i don’t understand korean i don’t know wat to do from here.

could you possible help me ? its ok if u dont wanna =)

thanks in advance!

Comment by Mish

@ Mish:

Hello there, yep its perfectly alright if you comment here ^^

BUT the unfortunate thing is… I do not understand Korean! I translated that from Mandarin.. Lol, I’m so sorry I wish I could help you but I can’t 😦

I’m clueless at signing up for Daum too. LOL.

Comment by ilovejr

ok this time im really not signed in XDD
My screename sounds “WTH” XDD

ahm Im pretty sure it’s dedicated to his 6-year crush which is MEEEE :DDDD

Ahh he is such an emo ❤

Oh btw Mish, maybe when you signed up for a CY account, you didn’t send them a pic of your birthcert or whatever scan that verifies your name and nationality ^^ You could send them the image/scan at their e-add [im sure they provided you their e-add in their email.. right? 😀


JUNE 5 TODAY laksndb fausfb hibduagsf XDDD

Comment by choco_ramen13

@ choco_ramen13:

ROFLOLMAO. Haha. When you’re sleeping right!? HAHA XD Thank you for helping out Mish I hope she comes back and sees this.

YES I ♥ SUNNY! haha.
They are really having one album full of happy songs. To drown all the sorrows in the world ♥ YAY. So Jungsoo, no more emo-ing, okay? 😉

Comment by ilovejr

Sometimes Eeteuk really makes me worried.
With this I am even more worried.
Come on Eeteuk its Dream concert soon cheer up and sleep.

Comment by Sara

I think Eunhyuk was right when Eeteuk falls in love its really dangerous. *something similar to this*

Comment by Sara

@ Sara:

HE MAKES ME SO WORRIED. Sometimes, I really wonder if his cheerful, comical self is just a facade. 😦 His emo posts are really disheartening, but he has since deleted that entry and posted at the Suju-Happy Iple site today! And he’s sounding pretty cheerful now so I hope everything’s fine! ♥

Dangerous love… lol, reminds me of the Banjun Drama XD But yes, sigh, Teuk’s really sentimental ♥_____♥

Comment by ilovejr

ilovejr – thank you! i actually had my korean friend help me and i can log in now! but im totally lost after i log in hehe

choco_ramen13 – thanks heaps! i had already sent in my drivers but i guess they were still checking it. all good now =)

by anychance anyone know the address of suju member’s cyworld?

Comment by Mish

@ Mish:

You’re welcome! So sorry I wasn’t able to help you! Haha I got lost trying to sign up for a Daum account so I gave up 😦 And cyworld looks worse! They need your birth cert!? WHOA. Real high security huh.

Suju member’s cyworld? I’ve got Hae’s, Heechul’s, Kyu’s, Teuk’s, Yesung’s, and Geng’s. Shindong has a new/re-opened (I’m not too sure) cyworld but I don’t have the address ^^

Comment by ilovejr

ilovejr – yup hardcore security goin on at cyworld, i sent in my drivers liscence but it didnt have proof of nationality so i had to send in my passport too.

if possible could you give me the addresses for the cyworld through e-mail or watevers? i’ve only got teukie and heechuls so far. =) thanks

Comment by Mish

@ Mish:

You’ve got mail! 🙂

Whoa!~ They actually verify each person’s identity? That’s scary. Lol.

Comment by ilovejr

thanks so much! yup, they had to match my name, birthday and nationality to my ID, so no screen names or anything =/ ….hehe but all worth it in the end

Comment by Mish

@ Mish:

You’re welcome 🙂 Really? I’ve been wanting to get a Daum account but… I don’t understand Korean so I guess it doesn’t really matter to me now. Lol, you understand Korean? ^^ That’s sooo cool!

Whoa… they actually have staff do that everyday? But it’s sad cyworlds still get hacked. They should go improve in that area. Lol.

Comment by ilovejr

aww man, teukie, we love u…reading this late but thx for translating. them cyworld are a whoooole nother world for me. *Clueless* I just go too play around and look at their pics. *sighh..=D PLease do update us more on his world. thanks a bunch!

Comment by kay35

@ kay35:

It’s okay, you’re welcome to read this any time 🙂 Sure~ I’m all for spreading the Suju love! 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

hello, if you dont mind, would you please tell me the email too?

Comment by gican

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