SHINee Picture Update
June 3, 2008, 12:40 am
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Yeppp another picspam post! HAHAH. And once again, I’m not going to put it into a zip cos my com will die on me… Wow, there’s too many new pictures and I just got tempted… HAHA. XD

Go on, let your eyes have a feast! 😀 and please remember, no hotlinking! ♥

Why didn’t Onew change in the last 2 pictures? I’M LOVING HIS OUTFIT ANYHOW. 😀 😀 Nyahaaha. Please SM, arrange for them to be on variety shows soon. I want to see their other side. 😉

credits; SHINee Baidu Bar + Yonhap News + MyDaily


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“other” side XDDD
they look young o___o
I mean, ahhh. TaeMin .. looks.. so young XD

anyway, at least their outfits now are not as rainbow-ish as before :DDDD

Comment by SayUu.13SJ


Comment by Anonymous

@ SayUu.13SJ:

Because he IS young! LOL. Yeahhhh ahahha its good that its not so filled with neon colours 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

He’s very young but his talents make me shock.

Comment by Tiffanyjol

Thanks for the pictures.
SHINee looks awesome.
Love Onew always!!

Comment by JeywonSHINee

@ Tiffanyjol:

Are you talking about Taemin? YES, he’s a really good dancer! Our dancing machine! Lol!

@ JeywonSHINee:

Hello Onew fan! You’re welcome! ♥

Comment by ilovejr

this good dance and style hair and t’shirt

Comment by !!!

could you add my facebook with same addres

Comment by rya

hi shinee do u speak English yes or no

Comment by melanie tin

i love your song replay and other song

Comment by melanie tin

Hello!!!! shinee group ,How are u? can i know your email address,i am a good person not bad.

Comment by lu.muyghech

Hello!!!!! shinee ,can u speak english with me.

Comment by lu.muyghech

how jio bu-jien

Comment by yhasmin

minho u luk soooooooo cute i love u soooooooo much

Comment by madona laishram

u guys luk so cool n cute i luv all ur songs

Comment by menaka

minho i really love u yobo

Comment by madona laishram

Saranghae blingjhungamd key

Comment by Anonymous

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