WHEEEEEEEEE. SO I’VE GOT A NEW CATEGORY AGAIN. Adding to all the ‘S’ categories. LOL. S is good. Cos my name starts with S too! 😀


YES. IT LOOKS LIKE YESUNG CAME IN TO REPLACE HEECHUL. Yet, Kibum is still sub-group-less. 😦 I guess he’s doing what he loves most now, so I’m happy for him anyhow.

The picture’s really cute cos they look like they’re all in pyjamas. LMAO. Hyukjae’s hair is looking awfully H-O-T. aksjkajskajksjkdjkdjkld *keyboard smash* And Kangin is looking as delicious amazing as ever. Ok. I just got carried away by the new title of their single, which is… 요리왕(COOKING? COOKING!). LOL. I can imagine them being decked out in chef costumes.

LSM is… somewhat evil (in a good way). Good cos yes, we get to see more of the remaining boys in Korea, and they’re not stagnant with only their DJ-ing activities and other ad-hoc events & they’re earning more $ as well… AND HOORAY, WE’LL GET TO SEE THEM IN MORE SHOWS SOON. *________* Bad cos its gonna cause AN EVEN BIGGER HOLE in my pocket. LOL. But… what happened to Heechul!? I quote C, “Heechul makes me happy! Why isn’t he inside!” HAHA. ♥ Sounds so true to me! 😛 Bad in another way that its almost set up just to keep ELF in Korea happy while SJ-M’s in China… for the next 2 years (or so it seems). I just hope that’s not the real reason. And Bad cos it dwindles the hope of Suju releasing their 3Jib this year since they’re so busy with lotsa stuff up their sleeves… Japan Budokan in July, Thai Super Show on July 12, Xanadu in Sept, SJ-M Concert at the end of the year (rumoured) plus SM Festival in Korea and Shanghai…

TOO MANY THINGS. 😦 It looks like we’d have to wait long before we can anticipate their 3Jib. Maybe for now I shall pray that I can attend one of their Super Show Con Tours soon enough. 🙂

Anyhow, SUJU-H HWAITING! ♥♥♥


Got the mini album song list!

  1. “가자(GO!GO!)” Written by Yoon Myungsun
  2. “꿀단지(SUNNY)” Written by KENZIE
  3. “둘이(YOU&I)” Written by Lee Heesung/Sungjin/Ahn Eunjin/Kwon Hyuksung
  4. “요리왕(COOKING?COOKING!)” Written by ROZ
  5. “잘해봐(GOOD LUCK!)” Written by ROZ
  6. “파자마파티(PAJAMA PARTY)” Written by Park Haewoon/Lee Seungho

credits; 13GAIA @ soompi

hmmmm. pajama party!? ROFLMAO. So cute! 8D I’m anticipating their mini album! 🙂 Rumoured to be released June 5! So watch out for it ♥

P.S So it seemed like Suju-H unofficially debuted during the Power Con. Lol.


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why is it that whenever LSM releases a new idea.. people go ” LSM is so stupid” blah blah crap yet in the end everyone ends up liking the new groups?? do u think that the super junior members would even want to just sit around and not do anything anyway? obviously not. they want to perform they are idols. its their job. when SM makes more money so do the idols.

Comment by hello

@ hello:

Hmmm, is this directed at me? Lol. I think SM’s incredibly smart, a genius, to be accurate.

Yet, I just don’t know why there has to be so many sub-grps created, not that I’m disliking it or anything. I’ll always support all 13 of them in any way or whatsoever. Just upset that it’s kind of a fact that T and KRY are gonna be inactive for awhile. And that the boys are getting even more busy. I just hope they won’t neglect their health or anything. ^^

🙂 ♥

Comment by ilovejr

heyy, just wanna say something. with reference to hello’s comments, i really think the reason ppl end up liking the sub grps is mainly cos it still consists of SuJu members, and we fans love them. so wherever they are, we still like the subgrps cos they are in it.

it has nothing to do with lsm.

Comment by love.

@ love.:

Agreed. 🙂
its just purely love for all 13 of them!

Comment by ilovejr

Another one. LSM should die a slow painful death. 😛 ahaha. But you gotta love SJH coz for sure, IT’ll be the dorkiest group in the history XPP

Comment by SayUu.13SJ

yeah, i’ve posted about it on my blog too.
i can’t think about my feelings now.
It’s sad and happy combination.

Comment by sayshey

@ SayUu.13SJ:

Hmm, but I guess some way or another, however ‘mean’ he is… we still gotta thank him for creating Suju. But then again, he’s like slightly manipulating them now.

LOL. Happy is cute. HAHA.

@ sayshey:

Yep. Ditto. I’ve got mixed reactions too. Whatever new sub-grps come out, there’ll always be mixed reactions, but its the harsh reality 😐

Comment by ilovejr

I hope suju H will happily and success

Comment by tranthuha

I hope this would be the last sub-group of Super Junior….Since there’s too much sub-group now…Let me see , SuJu-T , SuJu-KRY , SuJu-M and SuJu-H…Yuppp….That’s enough…

Comment by mountaingoat

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