Suju Show Kibum’s Diary with Heechul (Eng Subs)
May 27, 2008, 10:56 pm
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This was pretty short so I subbed it! Yeah, the title’s KIBUM‘S DIARY but it was more of like HEECHUL‘S!? LMAO. He spoke for 95% of the video, while Kibum just drove. HAHA. But I’m liking Kibum when he drives. Esp Instructor Park Jung Woo on Chunja’s Happy Events! But the 2 of them are so cute together! XD And yeah, I don’t think it was sweet potato cake cos I doubt McDonalds sells that!? HAHA. The Chinese subbing got me confused. It sounded like ‘Cheese Sticks’ when Heechul made his order. Or maybe its nuggets or something.

ENJOY. Comments and ratings are ♥!

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Comment by duy

@ duy:

Ne! Thank you! ♥

Comment by ilovejr

sarang hae! chong man n_n

Comment by ki young

@ ki young:

Lol! <333

Comment by ilovejr

suju only 13
super junior forever 13
super junior saranghae

big group boyband in the world

Comment by mee yan

kibum, fighting
u have to work hard, so tried???

take care your health…

Comment by moo_nok

love love love forever

Comment by Anonymous

u cute sangat

Comment by nisa

kim kibum…
frankly speak, u r so cute and i like ur smile(killer smile)…hensem.
i like 2 see again wif suju memebers and i relly hope that i can see u on stage on diz coming concert at MALAYSIA.
i hope u can come…
take care ur health and may GOD bless u…

Comment by BuQi ;)

i’m so glad to know suju…
u and ur member so nice and friendly…
hepi go lucky…
be hepi….
God bless u all…
thank u…

Comment by BuQi ;)

kibum te amo para sempre meu amor^^
vc é eterno em meu coração
I will always love you kibum

Comment by BeatrizBrasil

wow kibum ! U’re so handsome , cute . I hope i can c ur concert at my country “cambodia” . I very love ur killer smile , so strong ,brave n handsome . From (a little girl “kao chan nika” )

Comment by moon

i love you kim ki bum

Comment by thiodora

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