Why scold Hae?
May 25, 2008, 4:13 am
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*I EDITED! (below the cut- 2ND TIME on 26May 1.32am KST/GMT +9)*

Its 4.06am right now and I haven’t slept cos I was so perturbed about Hae’s cyworld entry. So he posted another message at the diary tab on 24May at 1125pm, which was oh-so-sweet, as usual.

and then, unexpectedly, within 1.5hrs, some people (idk who, perhaps not antis if not he wouldn’t be so upset) ended up scolding him…

so basically his first cyworld post was this:

credits; sj4ever13 @ soompi


Hi^^!! I am Super Junior’s Donghae!!
How are you?? Before I wrote in Cheonhwirong and you thought it wasnt me so
I deleted it!!ㅋㅋㅋ
well I used another name, so I understand I’m fine these days!
I’ve been listening to loving leeteuk hyung and friend eunhyuk’s kiss the radio
Our ELF,ELF that Super Junior loves and so touching
I heard that you were doing good deeds.
What I know is that you were doing many good deeds even before.
When I see that I always feel ashamed and sorry and grateful..
I wanted to say I love you^^
*and there was a great earthquake in China*
*I believe you know this*
*It’s bigger than I thought..We need ELF’s interest
*and lots of ELF’s concerns and love too*
*not because China is far or Korea is far, Its not other people’s problem*
*we really need to help alot*
*so that many victims could be happy again please pray for them.

See you at june 7^^ at Jamsil!!Promise!! I will really go!!ㅋㅋㅋ

_Super Junior Donghae

and then he got some harsh comments and then he hid his diary tab and re-posted another msg…

I translated the excerpt below, please credit if you’re taking out. (eastseafish@soompi)

Credits; Donghae Baidu Bar + BLG

25May 1.36AM

Title: I’m hurt…

I’m a bit upset..
I just wrote what I wanted to say but got scolded by others in the end…
Unexpectedly, this happened…
People’s thoughts are always different… I understand…

Everyone should go to sleep,
don’t fall sick… ^^

OMGOODNESS. Hae seems really affected by it. I just want to know how harsh those comments were, and why did Hae get so upset by them. 😥

Hae’s been especially nice to everyone and yet… this is what he gets?! HAE, ILU NO MATTER WHAT. ♥ ♥ ♥

I will update again when I’m more clear of the situation. 😦


It seems like Hae has shut down his minihomphy now.. there’s nothing there at all. -devastated-
Minihomphy title: 멤버들 보고싶다…

I miss the members…

Column: 달리자…


I used babelfish so its a rough translation (as of now).
Thanks to evanesco@soompi for the clarifications!


I’m still going through DCC so the absorption process is still ongoing, I’m totally clueless to why would the Korean fans/antis scold Hae for something so harmless he said from the bottom of his heart? For now, its been said that they were jealous (?) that Hae cared more for the Chinese ELF… or so it was rumoured.


*Last edit*

So… I guess we can all assume that it was a 100% anti attack. And they really know how to hurt Hae, one of the most sensitive of the 13 of them (Think back to the toilet incident involving Hyuksu). !@*&!&@*&!*@&*!&@ (okay, there goes my venting, sorry) I refreshed DCC, SJ & Donghae’s Baidu Bar from 2.5hrs yesterday before I finally found the translations, without the evidences, that is. So I don’t really know why he got scolded, and what they scolded him, but you know, karma exists. 😉

I just hope Hae will be back to his fun, happy self when he returns to Korea and the highly anticipated Dream Con. One for all, all for one! 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥ HAE, ILU!


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what!!!! who?!!
his letter was from his heart!
how dare they scold him!
this is why he has such hard times expressing his feelings!!!
i want to know what happen!!! >_<

Comment by kpoplover4ever

who scolds someone for saying sweet and utterly adorable stuff?? that’s just anally stupid and downright mean. who’s for finding their ip address and leaving tons of spam or a virus. mwah ha ha aha ahaha. ok i’m pissed. so yeah.

Comment by cholalola16

Hae I love U. Dont be upset and sleep well even though you might be awake by now.

Comment by Sara



I’m so gonna kill the ones who posted harsh comments T___T

Btw.. I’ll be posting this @ my blog.. 😛
[I’ll credit and link back <3]

Comment by SayUu.OneLove.13SJ

@ kpoplover4ever:
I guess its still pretty ambiguous to what exactly happened. All I know that its an anti-attack. And dear sensitive Hae got really affected by it… to the extent that he shut down his cyworld after posting 1 entry. 😦 Poor Hae.

@ cholalola16:
Yeah I was damn pissed yesterday also, I searched for like 2.5hrs before I finally found his reply to the antis msg. 😦 I just hope he’s feeling better. ♥

@ Sara:
We all ♥ Hae 🙂 The boys went off to Macau at 9am this morning.

@ SayUu.OneLove.13SJ:
whoa your name is long! lol. 🙂 Okay, sure! I visited your blog already ^^
Maybe not to the extent of killing them… but you know, what goes around comes around 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

XD I changed it from “sayuu13sj” to what it is now XD
well yea.. I’m just used to using violent words [think heechul. that pretty guy influenced me A LOT :P]

and, OMGIMSORRYPLEASEFORGIVE. I forgot to credit you bcoz I was such in a hurry, PLEEASE FORGIVE ME T___T

btw.. have an msn? 😛

Comment by SayUu.OneLove.13SJ

@ SayUu.OneLove.13SJ:
Lol yeah I realized! Haha. It’s okay, you’re not alone. My friend became slightly more violent after being mesmerized by Heenim as well. XD LOL.

Its okay 🙂 ♥ Spread the love around! And Hae needs all the love he can get from ELF!

Sure why don’t you leave a comment with your msn before I approve it so its sort of screened? I’ll add you back ^^

Comment by ilovejr

I would appreciate if you let me translate this to sm-thai website.It’s my first time to hear this and i’m very upset too.I have to wait 4 your answer before I post right?.Hope to hear from you soon
Thank a lot.

Comment by yam

i will always support you donghae oppa……….

Comment by haelin

why he was scolded????? the message was so good and sincere
he said we should hep others even they are not from our country … and he said i love you all…
what was wrong in that???

Comment by NenaKaiba

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