KyuHae Love!!!

Today I was stalking the SJ Baidu Bar and I found 2 very wonderful excerpts that were so touching! ♥ So I translated them and posted them at Soompi! 😀

  1. A cyworld entry of Kyu’s sis, Ahra about Kyu calling her at 5.55AM in the morning just to hear her voice ^^ (15May)
  2. Donghae’s message at his fancafe (21May)

My brain cells were put into thorough use today man… and the posts were certainly not short okay. Thanks to SJB who helped me with Hae’s message! ♥


So here they are,

Cho Ahra’s cyworld entry on 15May! 🙂

At 5.55am in the morning, I was awoken by the ‘smile’ ringtone… [lol, its Kyu’s Smile, so sweet ^^]
Kyu: Sister~
Sis: Oh… Oh!!! What are you doing? Are you sleeping? How’s everything? Are you feeling unwell? Are practices tiring for you?
Kyu: You’re sleeping? Oh. Its nothing. Don’t worry. I’m working very hard. It’s okay.
Sis: I’m awake now. What happened? Are you unwell? Are you tired? Why did you call for?
Kyu: Nothing, I just wanted to call. Nothing, there’s nothing. I just wanted to call back.
Sis: Is it hard living in China?
Kyu: Yeah, its tiring.
Both: ………. (silence)
Sis: Fighting!
Kyu: Sis, fighting!
Sis: I miss you
Kyu: Hmmm…
Sis: Love you!
Kyu: Me too!

Using a dry voice with a dry tone, on the surface, the seemingly unfeeling you keep many things to yourself, but you’ve said warm words that are so good to hear… I broke down with tears that are hard to hide, and almost overflowing from my heart.

You’re tired right? But who will understand? Those who haven’t been through all these will surely not understand. Although we might not be able to be as close and talk about everything, but I understand you every little bit. Even if its like that, I feel very fortunate already.

Who will truly know about that type of thing?

I know. I know. It’s alright. So, it’s okay.
It doesn’t always mean that I must understand your current feelings, but you already felt it and said you understood me. And with that… my heart is in pain. If only we could live our whole lives not knowing anything…both of us not faking anything, just like in the past where we had no troubles, you do what you wanted and I did what I wanted, for you, for me, and joking with each other with no worries at all… just because it was funny and we played around with each other…

Comparable to other siblings, what’s even more special is that you’re thinking of your sister. For other people’s handsome brother, my brother thinks that his sister is the prettiest. The both of us treasure each other more than anyone else. Our parents who have brought us up, have given us more love as compared to others in our growing up years, which have now turned into memories…

For now, with just a word of “Fighting!”, I have understood everything. My strength is recharged. I thought of your bright smile… You and Me, but just like that we got separated. Those who can’t see (the truth) would probably think it’s great… but what about us? Who have never fought before since we were young? Separation needs some getting used to, but it’s definitely just not like that.

I miss you.

I really miss you. I want to see your smile. You were like that too this morning, right?

Hae’s message below the cut! 😀
PLEASE CREDIT ME/LINK BACK if you’re taking out of Soompi or HERE.

AWWW. I was thinking Kyu couldn’t sleep. I don’t know what time is 5.55AM in, cos it seems like Ahra’s in Austria and not in Korea… but still, 🙂 its so heart-warming, yet heart-breaking. Its hard for Kyu to be apart from his family for so long… and in a foreign country where he can hardly speak the language. I’m so proud of him! ♥ the sibling love that both of them share! 🙂

And especially after the 512 Sichuan Quake, I guess it got all of us thinking that we probably have been taking many things/people for granted… and that precious things close to our hearts were meant for us to cherish dearly.

KYU ILU SOOOOO MUCH!! FIGHTING!! Oh, the magic power of 1 word! ♥

Donghae’s message at his fancafe!

Hi everyone, I’m Super Junior’s Fishy– Donghae
I haven’t left a message here for long, haven’t I?
Although I have 6 DAUM IDs, but all of them have been attacked by hackers, so I’m reluctantly leaving a message here… ㅠㅜㅠㅠㅜ

Although I’d really like to leave messages, but because I haven’t reached the status needed to leave a message, I shall just leave a message here.

You guys miss me right? I miss you all too.. not only me but all of us members of Super Junior miss ELF very very much. So I’m really looking forward to the Dream Concert this time ^^
I will never forget how touched I was during the concert…

The enthusiasm and thanks that everyone gave… We have all once worried for everyone’s throats that have pained for us…
But, those 3 hours are really something that no matter when or what, cannot be replaced, isn’t it? ^^

No matter when I’d really like to bow to say thanks to all of you, although we made mistakes and were insufficient in many places, but you all believed in us throughout, and brought us laughter…

Time has passed so fast…From Day 1 until now… it has already been 4 years…

At the beginning, I was very hopeful about the future, whether I’d be given support from many fans, and at the same time, worried that I might disappear and lose my fans.
But now, not only in Korea, I’ve met ELF from many other countries, felt everyone’s love, the feeling that I’ve been reborn…. If I was reborn, would I still receive this type of love? I think, we might not be willing to be reincarnated…

Because I don’t know if I can meet you all again… I’m scared that I won’t be able to see you all again, and if that happens, I’d be heartbroken…
So we are all very thankful for what we have now.
Recently, I’ve looked for many past performance videos at the Dream Concert and Asia Song Festival, recapping them once again…

Though I am now in China, looking at the shining sea of Sapphire Blue makes me tear up. Perhaps in the beginning, it was said that ELF would not have existed if Super Junior hadn’t debuted. But as time passed, we (Super Junior) cannot do without ELF. Without them, we are nothing.

What we do is only to sing for all of you, giving joy to you. But the things you all do for us are simply countless. So we always feel so grateful, and always end up tearing.

Once I think about being able to see all of you at the Dream Concert, being able to see the sea of sapphire blue, my heart starts to race and I get excited.

Please continue to support and love us. Without all of you, we’ll be lonely. Without all of you, we cant do anything. SO WE NEED TO BE TOGETHER BY EACH OTHER! Don’t ever change your heart.

See you at Dream Concert!
-Bows with thankfulness-
I want to say I love all of you…I love all of you!

Super Junior (Fishy)… Lee Donghae ^^

I left a message at Onsaemiro, but it got deleted… so I’m very sad…ㅜㅡㅜㅡㅜㅡㅜ

Because I don’t have an ID, I used my hyung’s ID to leave a message!!
Everyone’s healthy right? I’ll see all of you at the Dream Concert!!^^^^^^;
Super Junior, Donghae^^

Hae, Teukie and Heechul have recently been very excited about the Dream Con, esp with their cyworld messages and all! So sweet! Ahhhh I REALLY CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER. And the thing about Teukie saying that they’re gonna have a new image!? WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. *dances happily in a circle*

I really really really wanna go for Dream Con, I wanna see that majestic sea of sapphire blue… something that can totally overwhelm your senses and make you feel that life is so meaningful 🙂 HAE, ELF WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU ♥♥♥



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Comment by Sara

Hii, are you “eastseafish” at soompi? 😛

Comment by sayuu13sj

@ Sara:


@ sayuu13sj:

Yep! That’s me! ♥

Comment by ilovejr

thanks for the translation of both texts
kyu’s so sweet to call his sister and she seems really touched
i cant wait for the 13 to be together again
i miss them =[=[
i really like super junior m too (so i can’t decide =\ over both)

Comment by purplefanatic

@ purplefanatic:

I LIKE YOUR NAME! Cos I ♥ purple too! Haha. and its Ryeowook’s fave colour XD Yeah everyone misses the boys who are in China, and probably more worried for them esp after the Sichuan quake and tremors hitting the country… 😦

I love all sub-grps equally as well! Its so hard for them to be separated. 😦 I just hope the separation isn’t too long, as opposed to the original 2 years that was rumoured for SJM to be in China.

Comment by ilovejr

is it possible that cho ahra is studying music bruckneruni linz?

Comment by singingpixie

@ singingpixie:

I’m not sure… But there might be… You know a Cho Ahra from there?

WOW.. *__________* That’s SO COOL. 😀

Comment by ilovejr

its touching..
kyu is very strong man
despite the sickness
with no doubting
he will face and responsible with
his choices…
he’s very strong…
admire him…

really wanna meet him
chat for a while
first time i know bout him
im happy
its turn to sad when i get news bout
the accident…

im wondering,
is now he still feel that pain ??
or he fully recover??

Comment by aiqha

@ aiqha:

I was extremely touched too, he’s ever so determined to succeed… 😦

Ne, the accident, was really terrifying. I’m so glad he’s able to look forward and face life bravely once again 🙂

I think he’s not fully recovered, because on a recent show in China, when he did the limbo rock, he kinda looked like he had some pain in his back area T___T

Comment by ilovejr

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