Heechul’s Hey Hey Hey Office Trio with Eng Subs!
May 17, 2008, 1:34 pm
Filed under: Kim Heechul, Subbed Shows (Eng), Super Junior

Although this video was much easier to handle… in a sense that the total time for both videos was only 11 mins… whereas HSC was like. 90 mins?? yeah. so I completed this within 1 day. BUT. since it was a short video I decided to ‘upgrade’ the quality and viewing pleasure by trying to embed the subs into the clean video (with no Chi subs on it, that is) and -dies- it was a much harder task since I had the Chinese video into 2 parts with different timings as the clean video, hence needing to toggle between 2 program windows and replaying each frame to get the timing right. 8D LOL

AISH. Long story. glad it turned out pretty well even though I struggled with the missing sound problem again and had to download the audio into mp3 before converting it into .wav format and re-embedding it into the video. Horribly long process, but phew, it’s done! My 2nd project! 🙂

But I had fun seeing Heenim go all aegyo though. HAHA. ♥
I’m pretty into the subbing mood now. Maybe I’ll do more. But there still seems to be a whole list of videos I haven’t watched… and its not gonna shrink at all. 🙂 Not that I’m complaining though.

Heechul’s Hey Hey Hey Office Trio (Eng Subs)

Part 1
Part 2

ENJOYYYYYYYYYYY. Please comment & rate. I’d appreciate the ♥ A LOT. 😀 Currently very jealous about those being able to go to HB08. 😦 If only I had my private jet. 😦 I’d give them free flights anywhere and everywhere!!!

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I’ve already download this youtube video, it’s funny.
i miss him, you can also read about his latest appearance on
i will always update about his appearance in America. hehehe, you know they will go to Hollywood Bowl

Comment by sayshey



thx for uploading. i will credit you, in my blog about your video

Comment by sayshey

@ sayshey:

hey there! yeahhh Heenim was omg-ish funny! LOL. couldn’t stop cracking up at his antics!

Thanks so much too! ♥
yep yep I know he’s at HB now! The concert has ended already! 🙂 Can’t wait for spazzes’ pics/fancams!

Comment by ilovejr

spazzes has already POST THE PICS!
they are great ! (the pics and the suju , lol)

Comment by sayshey

awehh, the video was AMAZINGLY cute,
thanks !

Comment by meggie

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