May 11, 2008, 5:41 pm
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yay i finally completed ep 1 so i posted it up first. 😀 😀 ep 2 is on the wayyyyy. 🙂


part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

okay so i think it was more than 650 lines for ep 1. im dying at it. XD

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thanksssss! i commented over at PBP too, just wondering if you’ll be uploading a better quality of this anywhere. no pressure tho! thanks again! heechul is love……………

Comment by thebendsinister

@ thebendsinister;

AWW MAN. I wished I had a better version of it too, the quality is killing my eyes while I’m subbing the other parts. But thats the best I have, SORRY! 😦

♥ ♥

Comment by ilovejr

awww, that’s too bad. but thats ok. thanks again!!!

Comment by thebendsinister

stupid youtube removed it 😦

Comment by lulu(:

youtube removed it. D:

Comment by mae

=( is there any other way to see this?

Comment by elaine

@ elaine:
Hi Elaine, I’m so sorry but my ext. HDD which contained these videos crashed.. And I didn’t have a backup so everything’s gone T_T

Comment by ilovejr

awww… the video already not available..huhuhuhu
where else could i watch?
i really want to watch. 😦

Comment by iza

ahh,did someone has the copy of video?
maybe someone ever download the video and still keep it?
can you share it to me?

Comment by rizziea

..somehow i cudnt trace back the original URL of the raw vids – however, i jz discovered this – check out dbsj production team’s works XDD

Comment by prohi3ited

jz found out about this hee chul’s version of this show – yet its gone frm YT!T.T
ive ony managed to find the unsubbed ver of both episodes though – wish i knw korean T.T

Comment by prohi3ited

I have it! Ep 1 only.
And I actually subbed the ep with Heechul on Kangin’s mission. But it’s privated. So, PM me if you wana watch. Also, if you wana ask me anything don’t reply here and expect me to check this page all the time. I have very bad memory. PM me in the forum or drop a comment in Guestbook page in our fanblog.




Comment by vichul

Hello! ^^ I hope that you can help me with this, I badly want to watch Heechul’s Happy Shares Company with eng subs so badly, but I can’t find it anywhere. I hope that you could send me the one that you’ve subbed in the past, please??? That would be so much appreciated. Thanks so much

Comment by kee

Hi there, I think I mentioned this before.. My hard disk which contained all of my previously subbed programmes crashed so I don’t have them anymore =( even if i wanted to send it to you!

Comment by ilovejr

they don’t work anymore 😦

Comment by Kari

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